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Our Mission

stickK empowers you to better your lifestyle. We offer you the opportunity, through 'Commitment Contracts', to show to yourself and others the value you put on achieving your goals.

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Our Story

stickK was formed by combining personal experience and scholarly research. Our story began at Yale University a few years ago when Dean Karlan (Economics Professor at Yale and Co-Founder of stickK) came up with the idea of opening an online 'Commitment Store'.

He envisioned that people would come to the Commitment Store to sign contracts obliging them to achieve their personal goals such as losing weight or quitting smoking. Dean experimented with this concept by making contracts himself (click here to read his personal weight loss story). Meanwhile, he also conducted and published research* on Commitment Contracts as a tool for helping people save money.

Now let's get a little technical....

The Commitment Contract concept is based on two well known principles of behavioral economics:
1.People don't always do what they claim they want to do, and
2.Incentives get people to do things

Dean believed that today's health-conscious and socially conscious market was ready for a service that would allow people a way to achieve their goals.

He bounced his ideas off his fellow academics Barry Nalebuff, (professor at the Yale School of Management and co-founder of Honest Tea) and Ian Ayres (professor at Yale Law School and Author of Super Crunchers: Why Thinking-By-Numbers is the New Way to be Smart and Carrots and Sticks: Unlock the Power of Incentives to Get Things Done). Barry and Ian loved the proposal and very soon the idea of 'stickK' became a realistic possibility.

Barry introduced Dean and Ian to one of his students at Yale, Jordan Goldberg, who hopped on board and accepted the offer to help launch this new venture. From there onwards, Jordan began work to form what we now call stickK.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

*Ashraf, Karlan and Yin, Quarterly Journal of Economics May 2006, "Tying Odysseus to the Mast: Evidence from a Commitment Savings Product in the Philippines"
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stickK in the News

Harvard Business School + Forbes - The Business of Behavioral Economics
The reason the strategy works, says Norton, is that instead of prohibiting behavior, as most diets do, it allows users to continue their behavior if they want to—but also sets up consequences.”The best interventions preserve freedom of choice,” says Norton ... (read more)

Forbes - 10 Tips To Supercharge Your Savings
“…by going to Stickk.com, you can commit to a savings goal of your choice — say, saving $5,000 over the course of a year. Your incentive to stick to that commitment? You agree beforehand that if you fall short of your goal, you’ll pay a penalty — maybe $100 — to a person or group you don’t particularly like (say, the NRA if you’re for gun control). You can use the same strategy to set limits on your retirement spending ... (read more)

Today Money - Want to kick a habit? The 6 best goal-tracking apps to kick your butt
One of the more popular of these kind of programs, Stickk lets you create a goal with cash stakes if you fail, set deadlines, and pick a person to be your external referee. The site developed by Yale academics says its users currently have over $18 million in collective pledges on the line. One testament to its power: over 2.5 million cigarettes not smoked ... (read more)

The London Evening Standard - Do you suffer from ‘busyness’? How to thrive in an age of overload
Willpower on its own is weak. Instead make changes to your physical, social and technological environments to reduce the temptation to stray from your goal. Websites such as stickk.com help with thi ... (read more)

Forbes - Wearable Tech Is Plugging Into Health Insurance
New rules under Obamacare let employers offer greater incentives for healthy behavior. For employers who are desperate to cut healthcare costs, there’s wiggle room to define “incentive” as either a carrot or even a stick ... (read more)

WealthManagement.com - Apps To Change Financial Behavior
Stickk, which aptly tags itself as the spot where “Change Starts Now,” lets users sign an online contract for any goal they want to meet—say, avoiding carbs, completing a Bachelor’s degree, learning to speak German or sticking to a budget and getting out of debt. Co-founded by Yale economics professor Dean Karlan, Stickk’s premise is based on research ... (read more)

U.S. News Money - 5 Ways to Put Financial Advice Into Practice
April is financial literacy month, and there is all sorts of advice out there on how to take control of your financial life. But where to start? Here are five easy, concrete steps to put financial advice into practice ... (read more)

Harvard Business School (case study) - Making stickK Stick: The Business of Behavioral Economics
tickK.com, a website that uses behavioral economics to help users achieve their goals, must choose between a direct-to-consumer or business-to-business model. The case includes a discussion of how principles of behavioral economics can be used to influence behavior, and how an understanding of behavioral economics can inform managerial decisions about product adoption and diffusion ... (read more)

The Washington Post - Apps that might help nudge you into financial health
The Web site StickK, co-founded by two Yale University professors, is designed for those times when willpower isn’t enough to achieve your goals. On the site, you might commit to ... (read more)

Runner's World - Need More Motivation? Try Behavioral Economics
Since its launch, StickK has attracted more than 500,000 users who have placed $16.5 million on the line to chase their goals. If you fail, your money goes to a friend, a favored charity, or a despised cause (termed an “anti-charity”). Fifty-five percent of users select an anti-charity. This turns out to be a good choice, sort of. “The people who pledge their money to an anti-charity score the highest in goal achievement,” says Goldberg ... (read more)

The Wall Street Journal - New Year’s Resolution or Money Trap?
Each January, many of us renew our commitment to long-standing goals (such as weight loss) or make new pledges (such as finding love or learning a language). And that's admirable. For example, approximately 10,000 new members joined goal-tracking site StickK.com so far this month ... (read more)

The New York Times Sunday Review - How to Keep Your Resolutions
To improve your chances of keeping your New Year’s resolutions, we offer four tips inspired by recent research on behavioral economics and health ... (read more)

Entrepreneur - 6 Tricks to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick
Sites such as stickK allow you to create goals, invite others to view your progress and set monetary stakes, creating a sense of accountability that can help you stay on track ... (read more)

Forbes - Use the New Year to Improve Your Behavioral Fitness at Work
Online services like StickK provide a fun way to create “commitment contracts.” Break the contract, lose the money ... (read more)

The New Yorker - Why we make resolutions (and why they fail)
Finally, the researchers looked at commitments on a Web site called stickK, which allows you to set a goal and contractually determine the consequences for failing to attain it, ranging from community sanctions to monetary payments ... (read more)

CCA Innovators Forum - Applying Behavioral Economics to improve Health and Wellness, by Jordan Goldberg, CEO stickK
Men's Health - 21 Ways to Melt Your Gut
Go to stickk.com and pledge to fork over cash if you miss a goal. In a Mayo Clinic study, some people in a weight-loss plan earned $20 a month if they shed pounds and paid $20 if they didn't. They lost 7 pounds more in a year than those with no cash at stake ... (read more)

Lifehacker - Quickly Master Any Skill the Tim Ferriss Way
Find stickK at the 21:22 mark! Tim Ferriss, Mr. 4-Hour-Everything, recently gave this TNW talk clarifying how anyone can master a new skill in just four steps. The "secret sauce" to his method is sequencing, or timing the order in which you learn the parts of the skill. ... (read more)

Noobie.com - How you can use the Internet to motivate you to lose weight
So many of us want to lose weight but we lack the discipline and motivation. And we can’t all afford a personal trainer. Listen as Mr. Noobie®, owner of Noobie.com and Jordan Goldberg, co-founder and CEO of stickK, talk about why using the Internet can be an effective motivator when it comes to losing weight (or reaching any goal for that matter) and how it all works. ... (read more)

Inc. Magazine - Reward vs. Punishment: What Motivates People More?
Turns out, your employees will work harder to avoid a loss than to seek a gain, according to research. ... (read more)

NPR - Money Replaces Willpower In Programs Promoting Weight Loss
Last year, Demel pledged on a website called StickK to shed a pound every week. And if he failed, he agreed to fork over $5 to a cause he dislikes. The selection of "anti-charities" spans the political spectrum; Demel chose the National Rifle Association. When he thinks about them, "my blood boils. I get really angry," he says. Instead of thinking of doughnuts, Demel started hearing the theme from Rocky. Fancying himself a lean and hungry Rocky Balboa, he would scramble up five floors to his New York City apartment. He shed 45 pounds in a year. "The punitive thing works for me," Demel says. ... (read more)

Shape.com - Are Weight-Loss Wagers Your Best Bet?
The fear of losing dough is helping some people lose extra dough around their waists. ... (read more)

The Today Show - Weight Loss Wagers
When Rick and Kay Woollen of Tobaccoville, N.C., finally decided to lose weight last year, they didn’t rely on New Year’s resolutions to get them going. Instead, the 50-something couple turned to a force stronger than sheer willpower to help them pare the pounds: the promise of cold, hard cash. ... (read more)

The Dr. Oz Show - Health Apps That Work
Journalist and author A. J. Jacobs road tested hundreds of health apps to separate the solutions from the snake oil. Get his recommendations for the best apps to help you destress, stick to your diet and finally start exercising. ... (read more)

Business Week - How to Keep New Year's Resolutions: Make Them in August
Here’s some bad news for those making New Year’s resolutions now: January is the worst month to try to change your life, according to data from StickK, one of several websites designed to help people achieve personal goals. “Everybody wants to make a New Year’s resolution,” says Jordan Goldberg, chief executive of the 18-employee New York company, which see its traffic triple at the start of the year as thousands of people commit to exercising more, losing weight, and quitting smoking. “Their willpower to do so varies considerably.” The best month to try to change, according to StickK’s data, is August, when students are preparing to go back to school and many people are settling into new routines. ... (read more)

New Asia Republic - Why PAP and WP should use stickk.com
We previously looked at the impact of reduced wages on workforce morale and productivity, and now our focus is diverted to another interesting area – how to get individuals to keep their promise, effectively. This is where stickk.com comes in. Thus, what is stickk.com about? It is a brainchild of Yale Professor of Economics Dean Karlan, who came up with the idea of an online “Committment Store”. ... (read more)

The New Yorker - Cliffhangers
In recent years, more and more Americans have adopted a new strategy in the quest to rid themselves of bad habits: an approach called pre-commitment. The idea is simple: you set a specific goal (lose twenty pounds in six months, say), and then commit to paying a penalty if you fail. Some people rely on a friend to help them live up to their word, but now there are also pre-commitment Web sites, like stickK.com. ... (read more)

Geek Sugar - Website Of The Day: stickK To Your Goals
If you've been avoiding learning new Photoshop skills or finally taking on a redesign of your personal website, there's a solution to your procrastination: StickK — a goal-setting website that wants to help users achieve goals and increase productivity. ... (read more)

Social Marketing Exchange - StickK.com: Turning Desires into Actions
Many people desire to be on time, to lose weight, to study hard, to spend more time with family, or to read more books. Rationally, desire should lead to action. But it’s not that simple. A group of Yale economists has addressed this seemingly simple yet immensely complex phenomenon through online “commitment contracts” on stickK.com. The commitment contract concept is based on two principles of behavioral economics: (1) people don’t always do what they claim they want to do, and (2): incentives get people to do things. ... (read more)

PC World - StickK Puts Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
If you're looking for powerful motivation and accountability, you may want to look into StickK. This unique, free Web service lets you set a long-term goal with weekly check-ins. When you set the goal, you can commit a sum of money to making it. On every week when you've made the weekly goal (or kept up your habit), you get to keep your money. But if you fail to make the weekly goal or practice your habit, some of your money goes to charity. ... (read more)

CNN Money - Turn saving into a habit
If the carrot approach doesn't do it for you, use stickK.com. You input your goals and authorize the site to charge a certain amount to your credit card -- then send it to a person or organization of your choice, like a political candidate you hate -- if you fail to hit your target. ... (read more)

The Globe and the Mail - Nine ideas to help you save money
Get social support: Websites like Stickk.com offer public accountability by allowing you to set your goals and timelines – and put money on the line that you’ll lose if you don’t fulfill your goal. Founders of the site say public declaration of a commitment with something on the line can more than triple our chances of success. ... (read more)

Forbes - How Obama and Romney Will Make Me Healthier
If I don’t do my workout, I will punish myself by making political contributions. Specifically, I will mail a check for $10 to Barack Obama’s campaign fund and another check for $10 to Mitt Romney’s campaign fund. Over the course of fifty days, therefore, I’m pledging as much as $500 each to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in order to give myself powerful incentives to get healthier. If you’re familiar with the website StickK.com, it’s a very similar idea. ... (read more)

CNN Health - Would you lose weight if money were at stake?
You might want to lose weight, but the noticeable benefits seem so far off in the future that you continually procrastinate. You need a reason to get more fit right now - how about money? A new study in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine reinforces this idea that if money were on the line, you might start on a healthier path. ... (read more)

The Wall Street Journal - Websites for Finance Novices
If you have one specific budgeting goal—say, saving six months of expenses in an emergency fund or paying down a set amount of debt—Stickk.com is a good choice. Users of the site typically self-impose a financial penalty to kick in if they don't meet their goals, such as giving $100 to charity, and invite others to keep track of their progress. The service is free. ... (read more)

Albuquerque Journal - Fit Magazine - stickK It To Me
I’m sick of making excuses for my sugar addiction. There is more sugar in my diet than I want there to be. And I want to cut back to something closer to “dietary guidelines” which put allowable consumption at about 20 grams a day for women. But I have tried this many times before and failed miserably. But I have a new strategy. A commitment contract. ... (read more)

Boston Globe - Is your social network sabotaging your health?
Let’s say you want to adopt some healthier habits: start biking to work, give up the 300-calorie Starbucks Frappuccinos, quit smoking once and for all. All it takes is a little willpower, right? Or perhaps you need to take a good hard look at your social network, the friends, family, and co-workers that influence how you eat, spend leisure time, and prioritize what’s important in life. Both good habits and bad can spread like the flu through that circle of your closest connections, and research suggests this network could be the single biggest predictor of your overall state of health. ... (read more)

ABC News - Got Goals But Lack Discipline? Now You Can Buy It Online
Quitters and daydreamers, take heart! New web services such asStickK.com don't just help keep you focused on your goals. They pay you to stick to them, and they pick your pocket if you don't. Result: You feel more committed to your ambitions, users say, and the odds that you'll achieve them rise. ... (read more)

Yale Daily News - StickK helps the irresolute
A website founded by three Yalies is dedicated to helping people keep resolutions. Roughly four years after two Yale professors and a student in the Yale School of Management launched stickK.com, a website that lets people impose monetary penalties on themselves if they fail to keep their promises, the service has more than 150,000 users, including upwards of 300 affiliated with the University. ... (read more)

NBC - Denver - Websites use money to motivate you to achieve your goals
It's been more than a month since many people made New Year's resolutions. Maybe your goal is to lose weight,save money , or even quit smoking. No matter what it is, February tends to be the month that can make or break those plans. Two websites are geared to keep you on track, using money as a motivator. StickK.com was created by three Yale University economists, and is founded on the research that suggests when people put money, or their reputation on the line, they are more likely to reach their goals. ... (read more)

Health 2.0 Conference - stickK – Commitment Contracts and Health Incentives
Jordan Goldberg demonstrates stickK, a new goal-setting web application. Based off the concept of “Commitment Contracts” which bind you into achieving a personal goal, stickK can be used for an endless amount of health-related goals. ... (read more)

Guiding Tech - 3 Impressive Tools to Help You Create New Habits
Alright, you’re going to quit watching TV. Wait, didn’t you try that 3 days ago? (Or 3 hours ago?) How did that turn out? We all have habits that we struggle with. Luckily for us, the internet has brought us three tools that will help us create new habits and remove those rotten old ones. Check them out! 1. stickK - Remember that scene from Fight Club when Tyler Durden threatens the convenient store owner to join a veterinarian school or die? That’s kind of like what Stickk is. ... (read more)

The Philadelphia Inquirer - Dieting for Dollars
According to a 2008 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, those who had a financial incentive to lose weight were almost five times more likely to reach their target than dieters who had no money at stake. Sam Espinosa, StickK's director of marketing, says that 70 percent of those who have put money on the line through StickK reached their intended goal. The financial incentive, he explains, puts the goal in perspective. ... (read more)

Pravda - Want to keep your New Year Resolution? StickK to your promises...
How many of us have firmly declared that we are going to cut out smoking, give up drinking, cut down on fattening foods, lose weight, pay more attention to the kids, turn over a new leaf and go on a health drive, put money aside every month or start a new life in the new year, only to see the drive fizzle out by the second week of January? Well, now a website has been created to help people stick to their guns. It is called StickK.com. Launched by 27-year-old Jordan Goldberg, the aim is to get people more committed to the promises they made by linking them with others through Commitment Contracts - one that binds the Resolution Maker into achieving her/his personal goal. ... (read more)

The Oakland Tribune - Diet betting websites help losers win
Some sites allow contestants to donate money to a charity if they don't make their goals. Or even better: Fork over the bucks to an "anti-charity." On StickK.com, you set goals, any goals -- it could be weight loss, stopping smoking, being a better boyfriend or girlfriend, or cleaning the mini-blinds by Sunday -- then you set your rules, one of which can be that, if you don't meet your goal, you donate money to an organization you dislike. "We don't take a stand on groups one way or another, but say you're totally against the NRA -- you can set that as your anti-charity," said Sam Espinosa of StickK. "If you miss your goal, the money goes to them. So not only are you losing your money, but you're giving it to something you hate." ... (read more)

BBC News - Websites pay users who meet New Year's resolutions
StickK asks users to make a "commitment contract" regarding desired behaviour, whether it's to make the bed every morning, spend more time with family, or work out three times a week. Users can then establish stakes for not meeting that commitment and appoint a referee to keep them honest. The stakes need not be monetary, but if they are, the website charges the user's card when they fall short. ... (read more)

The New York Times - Be It Resolved
You can outsource self-control by sharing your progress with friends through Twitter posts about your weight or your workouts, or by making a formal contract at Web sites like stickK.com, which was started by economists at Yale. At stickK, you set the goal and have the option of naming a referee to enforce it. You also set the penalty. It might be just an e-mailed announcement to a list of friends (or enemies), but you can also put money on the line. You can precommit to paying the penalty to anyone you designate, including an “anti-charity,” which for a Democrat could be the George W. Bush library. (The Clinton library is available for Republicans.) The more you precommit, the better you do, according to stickK’s analysis of 125,000 contracts over the past three years. The success rate for people who don’t name a referee or set financial stakes is only 29 percent, but it rises to 59 percent when there’s a referee and to 71.5 percent when there’s money at stake. And when a contract includes a referee and financial stakes, the success rate is nearly 80 percent. ... (read more)

Mashable Tech - Keep it Real: 8 Services to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick
Making resolutions is easy. Keeping them is the hard part. If you made promises to yourself on New Year’s Day, you may well have discovered (or rediscovered) that fact already. ... (read more)

Self Magazine - How to Keep Your Resolutions All Year!
We're more likely to achieve our resolutions when we make them public, according to research conducted at the University of Hertfordshire. "Sharing our goals holds us accountable, so it's harder to back out," says John Norcross, Ph.D. ... (read more)

US News & World Report HEALTH - 7 Stick-to-Your-Diet Tricks You've Never Heard of for 2012
Another year, another resolution. The goal may be the same, but the outcome doesn't have to be. You can succeed in 2012. ... (read more)

Shape Magazine - Digital Determination: Top 4 Goal-Setting Websites
Luckily for would-be resolvers, there are a host of new websites and apps aimed at helping more people hit their targets by using new techniques based on research into goal-achievement and motivation. ... (read more)

Huffington Post - Dean Karlan On How To Achieve New Year's Resolutions (VIDEO)
Making New Year's resolutions? At the website Stickk.com, people set a goal in a specific a time frame and sign a commitment contract that binds them to meeting it. Then they pick an incentive -- an amount of money or social penalty they will have to pay if they fail -- and a "referee" to monitor their progress and verify their success. The site was co-founded by Yale University economist Dean Karlan, who has studied how people keep commitments. He talks with Huff/Post50's Laura Rowley about the best ways to keep New Year's resolutions. ... (read more)

Newsday.com - Akst: Real motivation for self-improvement
This year, give your resolutions some firepower. If you really want to change your life, you have to make it practically impossible to avoid doing so. And that in turn is another excuse for me to talk about one of my favorite topics: commitment devices. ... (read more)

BlissTree.com - Bet You Can: Three Options For Wagering On Weight-Loss
Websites like stickK differ from diet competition sites in that the only person dieters have to worry about losing to is themselves. They set the financial stakes themselves, as well. Rules differ by website, but the basic gist of these types of sites is that dieters track their progress online, and set up automatic financial punishments for failing to meet weight-loss goals. ... (read more)

Dayton Daily News - Websites make weight-loss wagering easy
Each site has its own rules and tools, like line graphs to track progress, regular emails with tips and support, and rankings to keep an eye on the competition. Stickk allows users to set their own stakes, including an "anti-charity" donation to a hated cause. The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Americans United for Life are top recipients. ... (read more)

Washingtonian - Three Ways to Make Sure You Stick with Your Fitness Resolutions
StickK.com, founded by Yale economists, lets you put your money where your motivation is. You decide on a goal and can set up “stakes” and designate a referee (a relative or friend) to keep you honest. The stakes are an amount you choose. Suppose you want to exercise three times a week for ten weeks. You can stake $10 a session for a total of $300 and specify that it’ll go to a friend, a charity, or an “anti-charity”—for example, a pro-tobacco group if you’re against smoking. ... (read more)

LA Times - Making a resolution? Diet betting may offer incentive to lose weight
Some sites allow you to bet against yourself. And by betting we mean money, which has been shown in studies to be a good incentive to get people to drop some pounds. ... (read more)

The Baltimore Sun - Making a resolution? Diet betting may offer incentive to lose weight
Speaking of betting...that's become a popular way to diet, with diet betting sites popping up on the Internet promising to help you lose a reasonable amount of weight by betting among your friends who will get there first in a set amount of time, and the winner gets the pot. Some sites allow you to bet against yourself. And by betting we mean money, which has been shown in studies to be a good incentive to get people to drop some pounds. ... (read more)

The Canadian - Dieting: 50 ways to lose 10 Pounds
Go to Stickk.com to sign a contract with yourself to lose weight. If you don't shed the pounds, your money will be donated to a charity that you hate. ... (read more)

Smithsonian.com - Henry Morton Stanley's Unbreakable Will
You can make the penalty financial by setting up an automatic payment from your credit card to a charity or an “anticharity”—a group you’d hate to support. The efficacy of such contracts with monitors and penalties has been independently demonstrated by researchers ... (read more)

Huffington Post - Overwhelmed by Fitness Gadgets? There's an App for That
Tell everyone you know that you're starting a fitness program -- Go to www.stickk.com, where you can make a public proclamation about your intentions. The more people you tell, the more you will be motivated to start -- and stick to -- your program. ... (read more)

Business Insider - 8 Startups That Are Shaking Up The Health Care Industry
Check out these eight startups that are revolutionizing the way we understand and utilize our health care to make life a little easier. ... (read more)

The Herald-Sun - A New Year... a new you
On the website StickK.com, people can up the ante by pledging money to an "anti-charity," that is, a charity for a cause they don't support, if they don't meet their goals. StickK provides a list of anti-charities that includes the George W. Bush Presidential Library, the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library and the Manchester United Fan Club. (In the Triangle, anti-charities might very well be fan clubs for the Blue Devils and the Tar Heels.) ... (read more)

Timesunion.com - StickKing to Your Guns
Losing weight is hard. Quitting smoking is hard. Watching less TV is hard. Name your vice; bottom line, changing habits is hard. What's easy is failing, over and over, to stick to diets, goals and "life changes." A few months ago, Daniel Akst wrote in Slate about "precommitment devices," which he describes as "a technique that people use to bind themselves to their preferred desires." This is the fundamental idea behind StickK.com. ... (read more)

CNN Money - Problems with procrastination? Try bribery.
What inspires children to do their chores or adults to go to the dentist? Habit, yes. Fear, sure. Bribery -- or incentive, depending on how you frame it -- also helps. Managers can take a page from this playbook, too. ... (read more)

FOX Business - Talking About Money, You Can Save It
We've certainly been talking a lot more about money since the economy took a tumble. And according to recent research, we need to keep on talking. You can actually boost your savings, better afford college, cut your debt and avoid fights with your partner by talking about money. Follow these communication strategies if you want it to work for you. ... (read more)

The San Francisco Chronicle - Economist in the bedroom
Can economic theory lead to more sex in your marriage? Yes, argue Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson in their book Spousonomics, which applies principles like supply and demand , asymmetric information and moral hazard to the two-person economy more commonly known as marriage. ... (read more)

China Daily - Posting Your Promises to Elevate the Stakes
That price can refer to the psychic or social cost of failing. But just in case that doesn't motivate you, there's StickK.com, which puts an actual price on failure. StickK was born of a simple behavioral economic principle: people are more likely to achieve their goals if they stake their reputations - or their bank accounts - on success. To use the site, the resolute enter their goals, put money on the line (entering credit card information up front, though it's charged only upon failure) and designate where the money will go if they don't succeed. Users might select a favorite charity or - for perverse added incentive - a charity they would never support. They then pick a person to be a referee and choose others as virtual cheerleaders. ... (read more)

The Telegraph - Giving up is so very hard to do
We are being urged to lose weight, donate organs and pay our taxes by a controversial doctrine called nudge theory. It’s at the heart of the Tories’ 'Big Society’ vision, but when does a nudge become a shove, asks Anjana Ahuja ... (read more)

Men's Health - Would You Bet Someone You Could Lose Weight?
What if you had to pay someone every time you ditched a trip to the gym? The new site Gympact.com asks you to do just that. Boston-area users pay discounted prices on local gyms and fitness centers, but only if they promise to hit the gym a certain number of days per week. If they play hooky, it costs them—to the tune of a minimum of $10 for each missed day. ... (read more)

Business Insider - The Latest Brilliant Business Scheme
How many resolutions have you made and not kept? How many times have you told yourself you'd go to the gym, then vegged on the couch? Probably too many to count. But if your bank account was on the line, would that number decrease? A few new companies are banking on that answer being "yes." ... (read more)

freakonomics.com - Commitment Contracts For Business
I had a wild morning in Boston a few days ago — participating in a satellite media tour for the launch of the Staples “stickK to it!” Business Challenge. (I sat in a studio and was serially plugged into about 20 local radio and TV shows … grueling, but efficient). The “Challenge” is a way to help small businesses and entrepreneurs reach their professional goals. Lots of people think of stickK.com exclusively as a tool for achieving personal health goals — like losing weight or quitting smoking. But this free program underscores that commitment contracts can be used on the job as well. People have already used stickK to commit to do all kinds of career-oriented tasks — write iPhone apps or call five new clients a week. Now it’s also easy to promise to use recycled paper or update your resume. ... (read more)

Ewallstreeter.com - Website of the Day- StickK.com- Makes your resolutions attainable
“It increases the price of failure,” said Dean Karlan, an economics professor at Yale. That price can refer to the psychic cost of failing (how badly you’ll feel about yourself), or the social-embarrassment cost of failing (how badly everyone else will make you feel). But just in case that doesn’t light a fire under you, there’s StickK.com which puts an actual price on failure. ... (read more)

The New York Times - I Resolve. World, Don’t Fail Me Now.
StickK (the capital K is legal-writing shorthand for contract) was born of a simple behavioral economic principle: people are more likely to achieve their goals if they stake their reputations — or their bank accounts — on success. To use the site, the resolute enter their goals, put money on the line (entering credit card information up front, though it’s charged only upon failure) and designate where the money will go if they don’t succeed. A user might select a favorite charity or — for perverse added incentive — a charity they would never support. They then pick a person to be a referee (to verify that they actually shed those five pounds) and choose others as virtual cheerleaders. ... (read more)

CNN Money - Stick to your money goals...or pay up
Ayres and two colleagues have created Stickk.com, a website that encourages you to set goals — and agree to pay a financial penalty if you fail. The system is ingenious, and scary, because it forces you to put some teeth into those promises you make. Here's how it works: ... (read more)

Slate.com - The Odysseus Option
The two economists each agreed to lose 38 pounds in six months or forfeit half his annual income to the other. They made a similar deal to keep the weight off afterward. This all worked well enough that Karlan later went on to found stickK.com, a Web site that allows you to provide a credit card number and make a legally binding agreement to do (or not do) a certain thing. If you fail—and you can appoint a referee to decide—then you forfeit the money, which the site will give to a friend or enemy you've chosen. (You can also choose a charity you like—or one you hate, such as the George W. Bush or Bill Clinton library, which might be even more motivating.) ... (read more)

The Montreal Mirror - Be Like Odysseus
Akst suggests that we set up a modern day version of that journey. What he describes as “pre-commitment.” Think ahead. Know when and where we’re likely to lose control. Then during periods when we’re not confronted with temptation, set up bondage mechanisms, whether it’s automated bank accounts or “commitment contracts” with stickK.com (a website that will force you to donate money to causes you hate.) If that fails, there’s always the traditional option, partnership with someone with better self-control, and maybe a whip. ... (read more)

The Taipei Times - Trouble keeping New Year’s resolutions? The art of sticking to it
Sometimes we know the best thing to do, but fail to do it. New Year’s resolutions are often like that. We make resolutions because we know that it would be better for us to lose weight, get fit or spend more time with our children. The problem is that a resolution is generally easier to break than it is to keep. That is why, by the end of January, most people have already abandoned their New Year’s resolutions. John Stuart Mill, in his classic defense of liberty, argued that each individual is the best judge and guardian of his or her own interests. However, recent research suggests that we can use some help. Dean Karlan, a professor of economics at Yale University, examined ways to help some of the Philippines’ poorest people achieve their goals. He found that, like people everywhere, they had difficulties resisting the temptation to spend what little they had, even when they recognized that it would be better to save for a goal that could make a more substantial difference to their lives. ... (read more)

The Korea Herald - Helping People Attain Their Resolutions
Sometimes we know the best thing to do, but fail to do it. New Year’s resolutions are often like that. We make resolutions because we know that it would be better for us to lose weight, or get fit, or spend more time with our children. The problem is that a resolution is generally easier to break than it is to keep. That is why, by the end of January, most people have already abandoned their New Year’s resolutions. ... (read more)

Forbes.com - New Years Dieters Should Dump Diet Books For Stickk.com
Diet fads come and go and mostly revolve around changing food intake and exercising patterns. This year I’ve noticed references to a new one. Call it financial punishment behavior modification. Instead of committing yourself to eating fewer carbs or hitting the gym, commit yourself to pay a big fine if you don’t hit your weight goal. Get the incentive in place and the rest will follow. There’s a Web site in place, designed by Forbes contributors Ian Ayers and Barry Nalebuff, plus another Yale-affiliated academic Dean Karlan. It’s called Stickk.com. And the idea is simple. Set a goal and set a penalty. A contract enforces the transaction. ... (read more)

moneycrashers.com - Would You Put Money on the Line to Achieve Your Goals?
How many of you have set a goal, only to find yourself crashing and burning a few months, or weeks, into the effort? Perhaps it was a goal to stick to your budget, train for a marathon, lose weight, quit smoking… Yeah, I’m raising my hand too. I could write a lengthy list of all the goals I have set but haven’t met in years past. Not meeting a goal is not only dispiriting, but it often lowers your confidence about setting and meeting future goals. I know it sure has for me. A couple of months ago, however, I stumbled onto an online tool that has completely changed the way I look at goal setting. The site is stickK.com. And the service, which is completely free and relies on proven research from the field of behavioral economics, makes it three times more likely that you’ll achieve your goals while helping to stop and overcome procrastination. ... (read more)

technologyreview.com - How to Stick to New Year's Resolutions
As behavioral economists—who use social, cognitive, and emotional factors to understand how people make choices—refine their understanding of what helps us stick to commitments, they are using this information to design new tools. Not surprisingly, money turns out to be a good motivator. Ian Ayres, a behavioral economist at Yale, developed a website called StickK.com, on which users set a specific goal and then pledge a sum of money to forfeit should they fail to achieve it. Unlike other sites that track weight loss and fitness goals and offer support via social networking, StickK leverages another discovery from behavioral economics: our extreme dislike of losing money. ... (read more)

Huffington Post - Four New Year's Resolutions to Fast Track Your Career
Want to turbocharge your adherence to these simple (but hard to maintain) resolutions? You can always try stickk.com, a website created with the principles of behavioral economics in mind. ... (read more)

The New York Times - Weak-Kneed Willpower Faces Temptation’s Lure
If you want a little insurance to help keep those New Year’s resolutions, you might consider turning to StickK.com. Started by two Yale professors and a graduate student in 2008, the Web site provides a binding contract to help you meet a particular goal, whether it is shedding pounds, quitting smoking or finishing Proust. Fail to live up to your end of the deal, and you have to pay a person or charity that you have designated in advance. ... (read more)

Money Crashers - Would You Put Money on the Line to Achieve Your Goals?
How many of you have set a goal, only to find yourself crashing and burning a few months, or weeks, into the effort? ... (read more)

U.S. News and World Report - How to Make Sure Your 2011 Resolutions Stick
Anyone can say they plan to save more money, or travel around the world, or lose 30 pounds. But how can you go from talking about those goals to actually turning them into reality? In addition to hard work, a few tested strategies and innovative new websites can help. ... (read more)

Business Week - Why People Want Less Choice
A web-based service called stickK, launched in 2008, makes it easy to set up an ironclad commitment contract. ... (read more)

London Evening Standard - Bets are on if you want to show commitment
Although gambling may still be illegal in certain US states, betting publicly against oneself, and/or others, is gaining popularity. Stickk.com lets users make public commitment contracts: it has more than 80,000 users, 1,000 of them UK-based, and more than £3 million is currently placed in bets ... (read more)

The Globe and Mail - StickK.com aims to help you stick to your financial goals
You can't force someone to change their financial behaviour until they're ready. But you can light a fire under them with the right incentives. At least that’s the idea behind the website StickK.com. ... (read more)

The New York Times Freakonomics Blog - Carrots and Sticks has landed
My eleventh book, Carrots and Sticks: Unlock the Power of Incentives to Get Things Done, has just been published. It is centrally about how to craft incentives and commitments to help you and others accomplish your goals. ... (read more)

Forbes - Make a Commitment
Doctors, trainers, nutritionists and financial advisors can engage their clients on StickK, set customized commitments for them and referee their success. ... (read more)

MSN Health & Fitness - Betting on Weight Loss
Have trouble staying on your diet? Try putting your money where your mouth is ... (read more)

CBS News - The Whys and Why-Nows of Procrastination
The Story of People Who Suffer From "Time Issues," and Others Who Suffer For It ... (read more)

The New York Times Freakonomics Blog - Commitment Contracts for Business
Lots of people think of stickK.com exclusively as a tool for achieving personal health goals — like losing weight or quitting smoking. But this free program underscores that commitment contracts can be used on the job as well. ... (read more)

Small Business Trends - Staples Makes Goal Setting Easy for Small Businesses in 2010
Teaming with the goal-setting experts at stickK.com, Staples is launching the Staples stickK to It! Business Challenge, a unique program to help small businesses prioritize and achieve their objectives for the New Year. ... (read more)

Freakanomics - If at First You Don't Succeed
Last fall, I saw my recidivist coauthor, Barry Nalebuff, and was struck by how much weight he’d lost. He had a clearly different body shape. I told him he looked great. Barry turned to my spouse (and coauthor) Jennifer Brown and said, “I’m doing it on my own, so I don’t have to use that [expletive] stickK.com.” ... (read more)

MediaPost - Staples Launches Small-Biz Incentive Plan
Staples is launching a new campaign aimed at helping small business get its groove back, with a tough-love approach to New Year's resolutions. ... (read more)

TIME Magazine - A New Weight Loss Plan: Getting Paid to Shed Pounds
Financial incentives are the latest wellness craze, inspiring at least some of the nearly two-thirds of Americans who are overweight or obese to try to ditch their potato chips. ... (read more)

NBC's TODAY Show - Turn your 2010 resolutions into reality
Is keeping a promise nothing more than a question of mind over matter? ... (read more)

Institute for Leadership - Making New Year's Resolutions stickK!
An interview with Jordan Goldberg, CEO of stickK.com ... (read more)

AmericanWay Magazine - Betting Against the Bulge
Want to lose weight in 2010? Put your money where your mouth is. ... (read more)

FOX Business - Site Takes Money When You Break Resolutions
Jordan Goldberg, CEO of stickK.com, on how his company is making sure you stick to your goals. ... (read more)

CBS News Online - Five Ways to Face Your Finances
"Early Show" Financial Contributor Vera Gibbons Gives Tips for Tricking Yourself into Saving Money ... (read more)

TechCrunch - StickK Raises More Funding For Self-Commitment Service, Eyes B2B Play
User numbers are trending upwards too, fortunately for the upstart (I’m sure it was one of their own goals). When the company launched in February 2008, it grew to 4,000 users by the end of the month and now counts 42,000 registered members. ... (read more)

New York Times - Freshman Year's Seven Deadly Sins
A rising sophomore at Yale University talks about her experience using stickK throughout the schoolyear ... (read more)

ABC 6 Action News, Philadelphia, PA - Weight Loss Challenge
ABC 6's Ali Gorman tracks the progress of two brothers who used stickK to aid in their weight loss goals. ... (read more)

KABC 7 Los Angeles, CA - Web sites help keep your diet on track
"The way it's set up it involves your friends and family, which is really the way to do it. Those people, you know, they sort of don't let you backslide" ... (read more)

BBC News - Bet dieting takes hold in the UK
Not only are people who sign up hit in the wallet if they fail, their friends can get to hear about it via a group e-mail. In the US the scheme is said to be achieving success rates of up to 85% ... (read more)

The Takeaway - Saving Trillions in Health Care, One Patient at a Time: Give yourself a financial incentive to follow a healtheir lifestyle
Change, especially in health care, can actually trickle up from individuals to the national level ... (read more)

The New Yorker Online - What Makes Orszag Run?
[Obama's budget director Peter] Orszag is deeply interested in using insights from behavioral economics to design policy. And it turns out that he practices what he preaches. We were sitting in his office one day and he brought me over to his PC and typed in the URL for stickK, a site that helps users achieve their life goals by creating strong incentives. Orszag said he used the site when he ran marathons ... (read more)

ABC 6 - Philadelphia - Wagering on weight loss
There are several different ways to wager on weight loss. Some people compete for a winner-take-all pot, others have to pay if they don't lose weight. And a local researcher says it can all add up to getting healthy and earning cash Like most siblings Nayan and Aalap Patel are competitive, whether it's on the tennis court or playing poker. So when they both wanted to lose weigh, they made a wager. They signed up on Stickk.com ... (read more)

NBC KING5 - Seattle - Online betting could help you lose weight
"That motivation has had me get off the couch when I really didn't want to work out because I was thinking, I have to report in three days," said Grant ... (read more)

The Independent - Nudge, nudge: Why we behave the way we do
Taking into account human frailties such as selfishness, forgetfulness and apathy, nudges could be prods towards caring for the environment or writing a novel. On this score, author of Nudge Richard Thaler recommends the website stickk.com, which asks visitors to make a series of self-imposed bets ... (read more)

The New York Times - Dieting? Put Your Money Where Your Fat Is
Similarly, two Yale professors, Dean Karlan and Ian Ayres, studied the effects of commitment contracts on quitting smoking and then applied that research to dieting, developing a business around their theories. They teamed up with a graduate student, Jordan Goldberg, 24, and started StickK.com last year, a Web site that motivates people to make changes in their lives by signing contracts: if they fail in their goals, it costs them money ... (read more)

CNN - Putting A Price on Procrastination
How, then, can we fulfill our sometimes-unpleasant New Year's resolutions, such as losing weight or kicking a bad habit? The economists answer: Put a price on it ... (read more)

US News and World Report - How to Make New Year's Resolutions Stick
In Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness, economists Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein write that people often need help executing their goals, even when they have the best intentions. In other words, they need a "nudge." One solution Thaler and Sunstein identify is the concept behind the website Stickk.com, which was created by fellow economists ... (read more)

The Boston Globe - Marshmallow temptations, brain scans could yield vital lessons in self-control
stickk.com...tries to help people use their "cool" brain to overcome impulses by letting them stake money on goals they aim to achieve..."They allow individuals themselves, during cool periods, to regulate the way they will behave during hot periods" ... (read more)

The Financial Times - How to make a decision and then stick to it
Commitment contracts raise the price of undesirable-in-the-long-term but tempting-in-the-short-run behaviors. Academic theories behind this focus on conflicts within a person. The “now” me wants the “tomorrow” me to vote (or not eat too much chocolate, or exercise more or save more). If the “now” me has enough foresight, the “now” me can sign a commitment contract. This contract makes the price of the tempting behavior more expensive, thus making sure the “tomorrow” me does what I said I wanted to do ... (read more)

The Wall Street Journal - Buy This: Save More, Spend Less
"People need to create points in time when they re-evaluate their savings," she said. Of note, StickK is one Web site, now in beta, that might help Americans keep their schedule and commitments ... (read more)

Berliner Zeitung - Geld oder Schokolade
Alles fing damit an, dass zwei pummelige junge Männer unbedingt dünner werden wollten. Als Wirtschaftsstudenten am Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston dachten sie dabei in ökonomischen Kategorien. Dean Karlan und sein Freund John Romalis wetteten 10 000 Dollar darauf, dass sie in zehn Wochen 20 Kilo abnehmen können. Wer das nicht schaffen würde, sollte dem anderen einen Scheck ausstellen - über die Hälfte ihres damaligen Jahreseinkommens ... (read more)

The Monitor - Put your money where your scale is
A free Web site is helping users lose weight -- but it could cost you after all. The premise of stickK.com is simple: People hate losing money and will do whatever they can to avoid doing so ... (read more)

Esquire Magazine - The Suits, Vers. 3.0 - Pg. 95
It's a service by which people try to accomplish goals, such as quitting smoking, but instituting a layered accountability that forces them to actually do it ... (read more)

Self Magazine - Health Flash - Pg. 100
Keep skipping the gym? The website stickK.com can help you reach your stay-healthy goals. It allows you to place a wager on your resolve; fall off the wagon and lose your bet to a designated recipient - a favorite charity (or least favorite, for more incentive). No bluffing! ... (read more)

New York Daily News - Why we spend money when we're trying to save
Or, seal the deal at www.StickK.com, a Web site that allows you to sign a commitment contract for your goals. Say you've decided to cut out coffee, or smoking or the money you spend at the grocery store on snacks so you can save an extra $100 each month. Put it in writing, then track your progress online while other users cheer you on ... (read more)

Reader's Digest Magazine - Mind Over Money - Pg. 137
Use your friends and family as a way to discipline yourself. Tell them what your goal is, and ask them to remind you if you're about to spend money on something you won't need ... (read more)

Orlando Sentinel - For people who need motivation, this contract has consequences -- for your wallet
Some people promise themselves treats if they lose weight or quit smoking. Two Yale University professors use another motivator: If you don't reach a goal, they take your money and give it to someone you hate ... (read more)

Yale Press - Nudge
By Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein ... (read more)

Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy - Learn how to achieve goals with stickK.com
We learn how all about a website that will help you stick to your commitments. Jordan Goldberg who is with the website www.stickk.com told us all about how a bunch of Yale students and professors devised this simple but effective way to keep someone compliant to their weight loss program, their exercise plan or even their attempt to stop smoking. stickK promotes healthier and happier living by helping people achieve their personal goals through the signing of Commitment Contracts. Happier people = happier world! ... (read more)

Handelsblatt - Abnehmen – oder zahlen!
Ökonomen machen den Weight-Watchers Konkurrenz. Ihr Konzept für mehr Selbstdisziplin ist simpel und knallhart: Wer abnehmen will, macht einen Vertrag mit sich selbst. Wer seine Ziele verfehlt, muss zahlen - bis zu 10 000 US-Dollar oder mehr. Lesen Sie, warum ihr Unternehmen namens StickK.com schon tausende Kunden hat ... (read more)

CNBC - StickK.com: Take a Contract Out On Yourself
Want to lose weight, get a new job, stop smoking and floss every day? Whatever your goal is, let's face it: you won't do it without a serious incentive. At Stickk.com you can put your money where your mouth is and achieve your goals ... (read more)

NPR - Put Your Money Where Your Girth Is
Would you stick to your diet if your savings were at stake? Two professors are betting the answer is yes. The winning formula may include signing a contract to enforce the bet ... (read more)

CBS - Lose Weight Or Lose Money
Americans spend billions of dollars to battle the bulge but many of them are unsuccessful. Now a Web site is there to help people reach their goals by charging them if they don't ... (read more)

The New York Times Freakonomics Blog - Could You Lose a Pound a Week to Save $500?
People who really want to change are willing to give up some of their ex-post freedom. StickK not only helps you make credible commitments for yourself, it also lets you communicate that commitment to other people ... (read more)

Money Magazine - Fool yourself into saving smarter
You may be one of those people who respond more to the fear of punishment than the promise of a prize. Well, you can make a threat work for you too ... (read more)

TechCrunch - stickK Allows You To Put A Contract On Yourself
Steven D Levitt of Freakonomics fame wrote about stickK in January (Ayres is an occasional Freakonomics Blog guest blogger) and approved of the concept, a strong endorsement for the site ... (read more)

Economist - Carrot and stickK
How to help your good self to triumph over your bad self ... (read more)

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Could cash be the key to losing weight?
penalize someone, financially and significantly, and he probably is more likely to lose 20 pounds than if you'd left him to his own methods ... (read more)

Los Angeles Times - Lose weight? Bet on it
If you can't stick to that New Year's resolution, try putting your money where your mouth is ... (read more)

The New York Times Freakonomics Blog - StickK To Your Commitments
That is where the new Web site StickK.com comes in. Launched this week by economists Ian Ayres (also a Freakonomics guest blogger) and Dean Karlan, StickK is there to facilitate commitment contracts ... (read more)

lifehacker - Wager Cash on Your Goals at StickK
Serious enough about your New Year's resolutions to put money on them? To appoint a referee and cheering section to check in on your progress? You can do just that at StickK, a goal monitoring web site where you commit to achieving something and literally pay if you don't make progress ... (read more)

The New York Sun - How Yale Professors Lose Weight
The company will have a Web site offering individuals hoping to reach a goal — anything from sticking to a diet to learning to ride a unicycle — legally binding contracts where they will pay a set dollar amount to charity if they fail in their endeavor ... (read more)

The Wall Street Journal Economics Blog - Can Economics Help Americans Lose Weight?
They have started a company called stickK.com that will allow people to take out a contract on themselves. They pick a price. If they don’t lose a certain amount of weight, they lose the money, either to a charity, friends or family ... (read more)

The Washington Post - An Economy of Scales
Paying People to Lose Weight Helps Drop Pounds and Health-Care Costs ... (read more)

Hartford Business - Nutmeg Startups Aim At High-Tech Cures For Misbehavior
Jordan Goldberg, a Yale business school student, has developed a Web site where users develop contracts with themselves. Called Stickk.com, the (...) service targets “people who lack the will power or proper motivation to achieve their goals” ... (read more)

MedCity News - Pharma companies interested in web site that uses financial stickK to change behaviors Read more: http://medcitynews.com/2012/09/pharma-companies-interested-in-web-site-that-uses-financial-stickk-to-change-behaviors/#ixzz2DeZjvOVZ
As pharmaceutical companies try to figure out new ways to improve adherence, some are researching the feasibility of developing innovative incentives with a behavioral economics firm. ... (read more)

Noobie.com - How you can use the Internet to motivate you to lose weight
So many of us want to lose weight but we lack the discipline and motivation. And we can’t all afford a personal trainer. Listen as Mr. Noobie®, owner of Noobie.com and Jordan Goldberg, co-founder and CEO of stickK, talk about why using the Internet can be an effective motivator when it comes to losing weight (or reaching any goal for that matter) and how it all works. ... (read more)

The Telegraph - Giving up is so very hard to do
As a weak-willed, sweet-toothed writer who works in her kitchen, my New Year’s resolution to cut down on the cakes was never going to be a viable proposition. And so, despite my good intentions, it took only a week for me to join the one in three people every year whose plans for self-improvement have evaporated by the time February comes calling. Had I signed up to a website called Stickk.com, however, the consequences of a vanished bun or two would be rather different. The site was set up not by psychologists or dieticians, but by Yale University economists, and it exploits a principle from behavioural economics: that people hate losing money a lot more than they like sticking to their promises. ... (read more)

ABA Journal - Want to Lose Weight? Try Visiting This Law Professors Website
A website created by a Yale graduate and two professors at the school—including a law professor—is betting that a contract can help you lose weight. ... (read more)

33 KDAF TV Dallas - Websites That Help You Stick to Your (Diet) Commitments
They say the second day of a diet is easier because by the second day you’re off of it. But a few websites can help you stick to your goals this time. The trick? Each provides incentives. ... (read more)

Forbes.com - New Years Dieters Should Dump The Diet Books For Stickk.com
Diet fads come and go and mostly revolve around changing food intake and exercising patterns. This year I’ve noticed references to a new one. Call it financial punishment behavior modification. ... (read more)

Washington Post - New Year's resolutions, trick diets and self-control
stickK.com tells the stories of the Yale academics who decided that the only way they could really force themselves to live up to their oft-violated resolutions would be to sign a legally binding contract. ... (read more)

TechnologyReview (MIT) - How to Stick to New Year's Resolutions
Social media, Wi-Fi gadgets and a sense of shame keep people motivated. ... (read more)

British Airways Business Life - How to Stick to Your Resolutions
How effective is it to cajole or shame people into sticking to New Year's resolutions? ... (read more)

Forbes.com - How to Take Control of Your Finances in 2011
The road to wealth is paved with goals. If you don’t know why you’re doing this — why you’re making sacrifices, why you’re working so hard — it’s too easy to fail. But if you set goals, they can help guide you even when things get tough. ... (read more)

Forbes.com - A Different Kind of Diet
Just in time for New Year’s Resolutions, here’s a guide to make weight loss resolutions stickK. It’s The $500 Diet and for a limited time you can read it for free. ... (read more)

Self Magazine - How to Keep Your Resolutions All Year!
We're more likely to achieve our resolutions when we make them public, according to research conducted at the University of Hertfordshire. "Sharing our goals holds us accountable, so it's harder to back out," says John Norcross, Ph.D. ... (read more)

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Corporate History

August 2007: stickK, LLC is formed

Founders: Ian Ayres, Jordan Goldberg and Dean Karlan

January 2008: www.stickK.com officially launched

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stickK's Creators

Ian Ayres
Ian Ayres is a lawyer and an economist. He is the William K. Townsend Professor at Yale Law School and a Professor at Yale's School of Management. He has published nine books including, 'Super Crunchers: Why Thinking-By-Numbers is the New Way to be Smart' in 2007.

In 2006, Ian was elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. He has a Ph.D. in Economics from M.I.T. and a J.D. from Yale University.

Read Ian's personal weight loss story here.

Jordan Goldberg
CEO, Co-founder
Jordan Goldberg is the CEO of stickK. He graduated from Yale University in 2006 where he earned his BA in American Studies. Jordan is a recipient of Yale School of Management's Silver Anniversary Scholarship, a scholarship to the MBA program awarded to six undergraduate students each year.

After completing the first year of his MBA program, Jordan decided to take a leave of absence from school to work full-time on stickK.

Dean Karlan
Dean Karlan is a Professor of Economics at Yale University. Dean has done extensive academic research on Commitment Contracts for savings and for quitting smoking. He is also president of Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), a non-profit he founded in 2002, that applies rigorous research techniques to develop solutions to real-world problems faced by the poor in developing countries.

Dean is a research fellow of the M.I.T. Jameel Poverty Action Lab, and co-director of the Financial Access Initiative, a consortium created with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  He has a Ph.D. in Economics from M.I.T., an MBA and MPP from the University of Chicago, and a BA from the University of Virginia.

Read Dean's personal weight loss story here.

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The Team

Scott Goldberg
General Counsel
Scott joined stickK in February 2008 as General Counsel. His responsibilities include making sure that we abide by applicable laws and regulations and doing general legal work.  Prior to joining stickK, he was an Associate at a law firm in Washington DC. Scott is a graduate of Yale University and the University of Maryland, School of Law, where he was valedictorian. What a dork!

He's originally from Baltimore, MD and is a huge Ravens and Orioles fan. He's married (sorry ladies), loves nature, hiking, scuba diving and skiing and has a dog named Miles and a cat named Maggie.  Most importantly, he recently became a father.  His son was born in March 2012!

Victoria Fener
CFO & Head of Product, Co-Founder
Victoria joined stickK in 2009 and was later promoted to co-founder. Previously, she worked in finance as a private equity analyst for Tiger Infrastructure Partners and Lehman Brothers. As CFO & Head of Product, Victoria is involved with all things stickK, but spends most of her time on our finances, operations, and product development. She graduated magna cum laude from Dartmouth College in 2008 with a degree in Economics.

When Victoria’s not dreaming up new ideas for stickK, she enjoys playing volleyball, skiing, cooking, and traveling.

Elaine Mechanic
VP of Business Development
Prior to joining stickK, Elaine’s career has been primarily in marketing and sales with American Express Publishing, major New York advertising agencies, and various health care companies. Her varied interests and talents also led her to develop and host her own television talk show, careermechanics. And while her official title at stickK is VP of Business Development, we value Elaine equally for her boundless creativity.

Elaine received her MBA from Wharton and a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan.

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Investment and Partnership Information

stickK is currently privately held. If you are interested in learning more about partnering with us, or have business development ideas, please feel free contact us.

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