Jan 2017
Week 4 of 8

robertolilwall commits to:
No Nose picking
No email or whatsapp before 2 hours writing
Hit my daily writing target
No email after 8pm
No whatsapp after 9pm
Social media – once a day (after lunch)
BBC site – once a day, 5 minutes
No interrupting Christine
Not online on days off
(Christine can give permission for the above)
No second helpings
Workout and cold shower every morning

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January 9 to January 16
Not Successful
Not Successful
January 2 to January 9
Recipient of Stakes
Anti-charity (Political: American Crossroads (Super PAC supporting Republican Party))
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Total at stake: $400.00
Stakes per period: $50.00
Remaining Stakes: $300.00
Total Money Lost: $50.00
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