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I commit to taking at least one action, every day, to increase how comfortably I can live in my new place. The actions can be large or small, and they can contribute to immediate comfort (like finding a needed item in a moving box and giving it a proper place) or address practical concerns over longer timespans (like calling a locksmith or investigating home insurance details).

Given how much more slowly the moving-in process went than I'd like, I'm giving myself 18 wells for this goal, which

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September 24
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September 22, 2017, 9:44 AM
Goal progress on September 21st: woke to an electrical outage, so I went and found my battery-operated hanging light (works) and my LED "camping" headlamp (works intermittently) and my hand-crank LED flashlight (dead). It was daylight and the outage turned out to last only a couple of hours, so I didn't need the lights this time, but it prompted thoughts about getting more prepared for future outages. I'm more dependant on electricity and less dependant on natural gas in this living space, so I'll need to take some future steps to address that, especially for preparation of hot food and water. But for today, I put the two working lights handy, and noted the location of a bunch of votive candles and some battery-operated tea lights. And signed up for outage text alerts.

Also goal-related: tried to research how to fix kitchen sink handle drip. Got some clues. May be complex and/or strenuous enough that I'll hire a handyman or plumber to deal with it. Photographed the faucet handle and also the shower drain, which needs a strainer that's better at catching hair.

Non-goal activities: teeth-cleaning at the dentist's. Figured out a complex bill and paid it and mailed the payment. Renewed some library materials, paid a library fine, and told that library my new address. Visited briefly with friends E and J. Bought gas and some quick-meal food items. Signed one political thing. Played a little kalimba ("thumb piano"). Did more walking than usual, around dentist appointment, library visit, and seeing E and J.

September 22, 2017, 9:23 AM

Goal progress on September 20th: Called the locksmith to ask the status of the single-side deadbolt he promised to order for me. Reached someone else "helping out while he's on vacation." Helper promised to relay my query and get back to me, hopefully within a couple of days.

Non-goal activities: did a delicate load and a dark load of laundry. Cooked some rice and some vegetable soup. Input a bunch of data related to hopefully-rare real estate and moving expenses. Deleted some email. Signed ¿four? political things, online. Colored another mandala.
September 22, 2017, 8:57 AM
YES!!! Yay you!!! Looks awesome. 💯💯💯
September 20, 2017, 8:32 PM
September 19th goal progress: put away a few things from an opened moving box.

Non-goal activities: went to chiropractor appointment, picked up Rx refills, bought some food at Farmers' Market and natural foods store, made substantial progress on catching up my financial tracking, did some Qi Gong, and colored a mandala.
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