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Getting the Words Rolling
Nov 10
We all want to be heard. We all have ideas that we want to share, stories to... (more)
All Interviews Were Not Created Equal: Part 3 of 3
Nov 09
5. The Stress Interview It’s just as it sounds: an interview designed to... (more)
Time to Stop Procrastinating and Make a Career Change: Procrastination, Part 3
Oct 20
If you’re sure that you’re a chronic procrastinator (see Part 2 of this... (more)
Craft a Persuasive Cover Letter
Oct 15
When the market is good, employers sometimes overlook cover letters in their... (more)
Education & Knowledge
"By nature all people are alike, but by education become different" - Author Unknown

If there is one thing worth committing to, its your education. Whether its doing well in school, reading a new book, or learning how a language, taking the time to sharpen your noodle is the wisest investment you can make.

Community Journal


Dec 31

Have done PD everyday, including money revenue.
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Sep 28

I've done good as far as my goal, but it will last forever
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Nov 8

Also working as an intern now
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Mar 24

I feel like my swearing has decreaed a lot not only because of me challenging myself, but because of my commitment to church. I feel like i can still work on it but i am doing a lot better. Even though i slip up from time to time i think the progress made is legit and a lot better now than how it was a couple o months ago.
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Mar 26

Need to be more persistent and focused. Stop being distracted by the internet.
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