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Calorie Reality
Mar 01
The first quarter of the year is half over and so are most of our New Year’s... (more)
Fitness is...Personal
Aug 24
Your fitness is not the gym you join or the site you follow. It’s not the... (more)
Ten Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight: Part 2
Jul 16
3) Not Exercising Enough To truly lose weight we have to create a... (more)
Fitness is… Failure
Jul 09
Get comfortable with it. If you’re not failing, you’re not getting better.... (more)
Exercise & Fitness
"Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness." - Earl of Derby

If you want to be healthy, inside and out, you simply must incorporate exercise into your life. Research has shown that regular physical activity is a major contributor to effective weight loss, improved physical health and emotional well-being. Ready to finally make a commitment to get in shape?

Community Journal


Jan 6

I'm happy my goal is 3 days a week because I didn't get up early enough today! LOL!
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Jan 1

Using this contract, I am motivating myself to exercise for at least 30 minutes, three times a week. As you know, physical exercise is an extremely important part of maintaining my health, and often the hardest part of getting out and moving is finding the motivation! Therefore, each week I miss my goal, I will donate $10 to charity. I will be creating a routine that combines going to the gym, as well as going out dancing! Wish me luck! I can't wait to see the results a year from now!...and I can't believe I'm saying this (especially considering my line of work) but I hope no money goes to charity!!!
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Dec 31

52 weeks to go.
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Jan 6

I will have to track my food intake and my activity to keep myself "honest". This also helps me be aware of what I'm eating and how that supports my goals.
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Jan 7

oops wrong date will need to fix.
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