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27 Jun 2012
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Custom Goal (Pay off credit cards) #232950
Duffy2121 commits to:    Pay off credit cards
Next required report: No more reports due  
Total Amount on the line: $50.00   Successful Periods: 1
Stakes per period: $50.00 Unsuccessful Periods: 0
Remaining Stakes: $0.00 Total Money Lost: $0.00
Contract Start: 27 Jun 2012       "Pay off credit cards"
I commit to:
stop using credit cards and have zero balance by 12/31/12
Contract End: 31 Dec 2012
Contract Length: 187 day(s)
Recipient of Stakes: Charity
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Reporting Periods
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Reporting period: 27 Jun to 31 Dec
Period status:
User report: Success
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31 Oct 2012 04:54 PM

Pretty darn excited right now! Just made my last credit card payment 2 full months before my final onto the next debt - paying off the wedding!

26 Oct 2012 04:04 PM

very excited - I have managed to continue to pay cash for things and when I have had to pay by credit card I am able to pay it back by the little savings that I save each month, helping me to not go into further debt. Next week I will get paid and it should be my final payment on my credit cards!!

28 Sep 2012 04:15 PM

Another Friday & another payday! Just made another payments and I now have a balance of $1100 in credit card debt. I can't believe that just a few short months ago when I started this goal I had almost $5000 in debt. with some determination and continued focus I am almost out of cc debt and I can move on to my other debts.

14 Sep 2012 11:17 PM

I got paid today and made another payment to my credit cards! I have only $2000 left of cc debt so next payment I will be in the 1's...VERY exciting :) definitely starting to see the effort paying off

31 Aug 2012 04:13 PM

Quickly paying down this debt!! so exciting :) I charged a few things but had ways to cover those charges so that I wasn't adding to the balance. Only added some charges for an upcoming trip I am taking with my Mom but they are not big enough that I will not meet my goal.

2 Aug 2012 03:50 PM

super excited!! just made another cc payment yesterday and mint is showing me that my cash vs. cc debt is only -$141!! in just a few weeks after I make another payment it will be in the exciting!!

30 Jul 2012 03:49 PM

Tomorrow is pay day- and it has felt like forever until I got paid last. I am chomping at the bit to make a payment as soon as I get the money so I can keep moving towards the end of my credit card debt. Now that I am seeing major progress from sticking to my last month’s goals I am gaining momentum and starting to feel slightly empowered. I just want to keep going!

27 Jul 2012 07:53 PM

I still haven’t charged anything except I got the monthly finance charge on the card (grrrr…) but that is incentive for me to keep going so that I don’t get charged anymore or have that debt to pay. I finished my first month of my other goal of paying cash for everything and my debt went significantly down this month. I am looking forward to getting paid in the next few days so I can make another large payment, hopefully I will be credit card debt free by my birthday in September rather than by year end.

20 Jul 2012 03:54 PM

I haven't really charged anything except for one automatic quarterly subscription and a big expense on items for the boat, but I was able to scrape up that amount spent on the boat from my savings so that I didn't increase my credit card balance. My savings accounts are now empty but I feel good that I didn't add to the debt.

6 Jul 2012 04:35 PM

I have not used my credit cards for any new purchases other than for reoccurring subscriptions. I have created an inpiration board that I put inside my closet door so I see it every morning to remind me how badly I want to no longer be in debt. Although I am not ready to completely cut out *perks* in life I am excited that I am trying to cut back on costs by cutting my Netflix subscription in half saving me about $100/year, getting on my husband's car insurance saving me about $360/year. Then next I am going to try and start talking to our cable company about reducing our cable package...the way I look at it is any small bit helps rather than cutting everything out

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