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26 Dec 2012
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Custom Goal (Work on my... #263550
jppadua commits to:    Work on my dissertation every week for 10 hours
Next required report: No more reports due  
Total Amount on the line: $10.00   Successful Periods: 1
Stakes per period: $10.00 Unsuccessful Periods: 0
Remaining Stakes: $0.00 Total Money Lost: $0.00
Contract Start: 26 Dec 2012       "Work on my dissertation every week for 10 hours"
I commit to:
I commit to reserve a mean of two hours a day (or 10 hours a week)entirely dedicated to my PhD dissertation
Contract End: 7 Jan 2013
Contract Length: 12 day(s)
Recipient of Stakes: Anti-charity (Political: American Crossroads (Super PAC supporting Republican Party))
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Reporting period: 26 Dec to 7 Jan
Period status:
User report: Success
Referee report: Success
9 Jan 2013 04:21 pm [Referee approval report]


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8 Jan 2013 12:23 PM

I've managed to catch up in the last week, since my first week was rather slow. I've set the commitment to be very modest on purpose, but managed work almost twice the mean hours I've set. So it's good progress, indeed!

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