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22 May 2012
Fitness, cycling, personal growth, the outdoors, books
I am ready to be in control of my financial future. Finally!
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13 Nov 2012 04:44 PM
I keep getting emails to nudge you...consider yourself affectionately nudged!
19 Aug 2012 12:27 AM
I so didn't miss my goal last week! I did, however, forget to do my check in. OH well. Paid off $300 today. Current debt: $7511.17. Puts me ahead of schedule. I need to pay only $157/wk to hit the $5000 debt reduction, down from $181/wk. This progress includes the setback of a new computer ($1012ish), and a flight ($345ish), so I'll totally succeed. Yay! It's so refreshing to watch my net worth go up instead of down.
16 Aug 2012 03:45 PM
Hey hon, got a message that you didn't meet this reporting period. You can do it!!! I have faith in you ) You're probably just a day late but i thought i'd send a lil encouragement your way anyhow :)
26 Jun 2012 08:01 PM
Have transferred all of my high interest debt to my 0% credit union card, paid about $1000 off my cards as well in the last four weeks, but had to buy a computer, so am going to have to work extra hard this week to make up for that!
19 Jun 2012 03:49 PM
Good job, girly!!!! You are awesome!
8 Jun 2012 09:02 PM
Made a payment of $900 today. Less the interest from last billing cycle and the two transactions I put on the card b/c my debit card wasn't working, that's a payoff of $763.58. In addition, I got my interest rate reduced to 14.99 from 16.99 and am planning to take out a personal loan at my credit union at 9.99 next week. Yay me! Add also the usual monthly payments of 73 and 25 to my low/no interest accts, that puts me at a grand total of $861.58 of debt payed off so far. That's 7.8% of my total debt. Now if I can only do that 11 more times!
25 May 2012 06:10 PM
Just set aside the first 300 for my next credit card payment. I. Need to pay about 682/month to meet my goal!
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