Ralph Simpson
Fairfield, Ohio
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18 Feb 2008
Hunting, Camping, Harley Davidson's, Corvette's, Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, NASCAR, Do-It-Yourself Projects, Gardening and Lawn Care
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18 Feb 2008 07:51 PM
can we do online chats with this stickk service?
18 Feb 2008 07:50 PM
That's ok, I can live with it if it provides the motivation you need. I assumed you knew that I was an NRA Member and you picked it for that reason. But no probem. I'm always here to support you, even when there are differences iin views and opinions.
18 Feb 2008 06:29 PM
Wait a minute, I've got to be honest here. I picked the NRA Foundation because I don't want to contribute to the whole gun thing and that will give me more motivation to not lose my money. I hope you can still be a supporter given this info...
18 Feb 2008 04:55 PM
Hi Joyce, I messed up again and didn't look at the calendar before planning my trips to Atlanta. So, I'm in Atlanta today. It is a cute web site. I'm still trying to figure it out. And yes, I did see the NRA Foundation that you picked! thx
18 Feb 2008 04:23 PM
Hey, Ralph -- are you home today? Isn't this web side a kick? Judy found it - did you notice my "anti-charity 4;?
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