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Get my finances in order, pay off final balance on the credit card I closed and pay off the other in full for the month. This can be done, but I need to stop spending in certain areas for some weeks.
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March 19, 2023, 6:20 PM
I have been working some more w/the budget for next period. It will be tough, but I am still keeping the double amount for the recurring bill payment of $182.

All in all, I am happy with this week.

I will set a new goal, will be an extension of this, as it has been really useful.
March 19, 2023, 6:17 PM
This week has seen some good and some bad…
No gas fill up for the car, and still plenty left, no eating out except for one lunch (a bit unfortunate as the person I had lunch with said they would treat me, and then didn’t, so I am slightly annoyed). I opted out of a lunch w/colleagues, they went to an expensive place that really didn’t seem any good, and I had to do an errand so it turned out well.
I had to buy some swim gear as my old one fell apart, so difficult to find, ended up paying $20 for something not perfect but ok.
No sales, have not had the time and energy. The large piece of furniture was picked up, happy about that.
Bought something w/gift cert of $15, so I will transfer that amount to savings instead.
Have not used the other gift certificates but walked to the city IKEA, decided the item I thought I wanted was not as nice in real life, but the less costly one with the same technical characteristics was much better and will be the one I buy.
March 13, 2023, 11:16 AM
I did pay my credit card in full also this months as planned. I had to use $100 from the holiday savings, for the activities we did during the school break but that was planned for so ok (did orignially plan for more).

I created the budget for next period, included double amount for the recurring bill payment of $182, to get one month ahead. I see that it may be difficult though, so maybe set aside half of it and pay double next month instead. As it is a matter of paying ahead, no worries if I can't make it.

So I am very happy w/this week.
March 13, 2023, 10:18 AM
This week I did not buy: lunches out, gas for the car (still not much driving), no eating out w/the kids (it was rather close but I managed).
Went to the indoor pool w/kids as planned, but it was the cheaper one that is rather close.
I did buy some clothes to support someone but also bc needed: exercise gear $65 – will go on the exercise budget, and then $4 for lots of new hair ties, also a necessity for practice. Other clothes were $18 for two summer/beach dresses. Supporting a good cause and if these are nice, the will fill a need in my wardrobe.
Was taken on a surprise thingy to celebrate my birthday, ended up paying a couple of rounds (we all took turns). Mildly annoying but it was ok. In total $40 spent (+ $10 I hope to get back from one of them). It does fit within the budget, but I have to be a bit careful rest of month.
Received the final part of the clothes refund, $5 so that is finally completed.
No sales but I managed to get rid of a big toy none of my kids want, and I did not have to assemble it, they took it as is. Also, my neighbour/friend will come and pick up a piece of furniture we really want to get rid of, and even though they get it for free, I think it may lead to some seedlings/plants coming my way in the future.
Still no surveys.
I am thinking about what to do about the gift certificates (IKEA, shoes, running shoes?), but cannot make any progress right now. I want to see the real item, but no driving to the big IKEA right now, and I have no time to the one in city as I have to rush home to practice. Will be next week.
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