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Week 5 of 12

eliotostiguy commits to:
Morning ritual
4-6 Times gym
2000 cal (count calories)
Only water and sparkling water
1 hour a day - meaningful stuff
150 dollars a week (100 groceries)
No eating outside the house.
Evening ritual before sleep
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July 23
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Commitment Journal
June 25, 2018, 8:49 PM
First week of my 3 months commitment

The first week was 6 days

• I consider this week was a success
• I went to the gym 5 days
• I worked more than 6 hours on a side project
• I meditated all days
• I went to the gym 5 times
• I missed vizualisation for 2 days
• I had a cheat day for eating and diet coke for la saint jean, because I was in a chalet with friends.
○ This is the only cheat day I will let myself have, (please take not joes, no more excuse in the future)
• I had a intense temptation to drink only one beer,I thought about taking alcohol for more than an hour and still did not. but due to the commitment I did not take and I am really proud of it.
• I spent 105 dollars. It is the first time I am able to not spend that much money in a week

So far the commitment is working great.

Things to work on:
• Count my calories every single day
• Make sure that I am concentrated at work and that I am satisfied with the work I do
• No cheating day (No excuse or I will pay the mooonz)
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