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Getting the brand service I want to provide to people clearly defined, created and ready to be marketed!
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October 22, 2018, 6:03 AM
I did not complete the goal I said I would complete for this week. Ouch, that hurts! $ to Louisa and a broken promise to myself. Corrections made, it will be a different week this week!
October 22, 2018, 6:02 AM
Dah!! I did not move the needle this week. I don't have the Brand Platform Blueprint/Guide/Template components and process outlined so I can start creating material as I said I would. Where I can see I failed is in not creating the time to be productive with this goal during the week. I left it up to chance and did not create a structure that would support my promise to myself. I am going to put this in place for this week AND I'm going to have the Brand Platform Blueprint/Guide/Template components and process outlined so I can start creating material!
October 15, 2018, 1:14 AM
Woohoo! Progress! One step at a time, excited to start this next week's actions!
October 15, 2018, 1:13 AM
First week in the books and I'm already getting more clarity on the service piece of my goal. I've decided to start with a simple, yet essential, Brand Platform Blueprint/Guide/Template (not sure of the exact name yet). A brand platform is the foundation from which the company's brand promise, mission, vision, core values and culture arise. It provides clarity for what products and/or services a company will offer as well as guiding the touch points which will connect them with their audience in the marketplace. I will create this as a video training with modules for each phase of development providing guidance on what questions to ask themselves or their team, how to structure the inquiry of what they provide to be a match for how they want to be perceived in the marketplace as well as in the minds of their customers, and others that will be more clearly defined as I move through this process.
Right now, my thoughts on pricing for this is $1,500. I know the current and future value is there for those who follow the process AND I'm not sure if this price point works for a base-level service. I may need to come up with another offering for a tier 1 service and have the Brand Platform be a next-level offering once I can establish trust and show value to those who don't know me yet. OR, maybe the $1,500 works....I'll have to play with this part a little more as I develop the offering. This is fun, I'm enjoying the accountability of this commitment. My goal for next week is to have the Brand Platform Blueprint/Guide/Template components and process outlined so I can start creating material. I'll also be developing my own brand platform using the offering as it builds. Ok! Ready for the next week! Thanks for any listening and support out there! :)
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