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I love God's Word & study it many hrs weekly, but I MUST return to daily reading. Not just enough to check off a box, but a sincere amount of time (also spread across the day whenever possible). If God's Word is a lamp to my feet, how can I navigate my day without it!

To make things interesting, I chose a pro-abortion group as my anti-charity, to receive a donation from me if I were to fail. I believe abortion sheds innocent blood, so it would torment me if one cent went to them because of me!
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July 13, 2021, 1:27 PM
Great job!
July 12, 2021, 11:51 AM
Great job, keep it up. I am a Christian as well, and love what your doing. Please become my supporter if you want, too.
June 9, 2021, 8:38 PM

It's so nice to already feel that strong desire, that strong urge to spend as much time as you can in the immutable, unchanging, eternal Word of God! I've never stopped enjoying God's Word, but the first time you let it take the back seat (far as priorities go), you'll find yourself moving it to the back, more and more.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we can become so busy that when we get those rare moments to turn off our mind and relax a moment, our flesh will get you saying "I'll read it today, but a little later." Then it becomes, a little later, and a little later again, and so forth. It takes spiritual and mental discipline and dedication to resist the desire to choose what's most convenient, than to keep with it, even when it feels like a sacrifice.

When we remain logical about life & just be real.. we stay busy & we do much of it to ourselves by taking on too many commitments. The reason I believe the time meant with the Word of God is one of the first things we move to the back seat, not top priority, is because our job won't wait, then the grocery store won't wait.. get home and the lawn won't wait.. walk in your front door and there's the dog scratching at the door because the dog can't wait.. (if kids) helping with their homework won't wait.. the messy house won't wait.. dinner won't wait... You get the picture.. so it's so easy to give under pressure and say .. Bible reading can wait but only til after dinner. Then it's the dishes.. then dog needs to go back out again.. shower, laundry, kids, spouse.. one or more of them will then have you moving Bible time to tomorrow but it's ok because tomorrow I'll spend double the Bible time (yeah right). We MUST reach that point where all these things that can't wait.. one or more of them is going to have to take the back seat for a moment so we can move the Word back to the front.. because the WORD CAN'T WAIT!

Jesus didn't call it our DAILY bread because he wanted it to be weekly, monthly, or Christmas/Easter/Funerals.. DAILY!!!

I'm so thankful to God, the worst of resisting the temptation to procrastinate with the Word, has passed.. now these remaining days of my commitment contract to Read Bible Daily, is about ingraining the daily routine until going a day without the Word of God feels like going out the door to start your day, without shoes. Scrip "Beautiful are the feet of him who shares the Gospel."

There can be NO EXCEPTIONS.. I MUST NOT MISS A DAY! After all, if I do, this site will take $5 from my bank and give it to "Pro-Choice America - Abortion Org." It would torture me if I gave one penny to the slaughter of an unborn child (innocent blood). I set it up this way, as an extra layer of motivation to keep me committed. I hope my experience inspires many.. because I couldn't be more truthful.. I've drawn more revelation of God's Word in 3 days than I've gotten in 100 times the same amount of time spent collectively at random, in His Word.


Psalm 107-114
Luke 10 & 11
Plus a tremendous time of worship and prayer to God.. spent more time in worship and prayer than I spent getting all those chapters read AND stopping to write notes when the Holy Spirit revealed things.

If anyone reads this...

Keep Your Head Up & Your Faith Strong!
June 8, 2021, 5:43 AM
God is so amazing & his word bears witness! He's still alive and well & so is this Book.. it is "the Living Word of God."

Reporting for Day 2:
Spent great amount of time with God today, in his word, in worship, and in prayer.. Early to late, and worked somewhere in between. :)

One of the gems God shared with me thru the word today was as follows,
(I wrote it down).. Persecution is the sound of resistance letting you know you're on the right track!

I read again about the woman who came into the house where Jesus was sitting and she brought an alabaster jar filled with expensive spikenard, knelt at Jesus feet and started anointing them with this precious ointment and as she was doing that, tears began to fall from her cheeks onto the feet of Jesus so she kept going and took her hair to wipe his feet clean with her tears.

This is a literal example of someone turning their persecution into praise. She used her pain, in the form of her tears, to wash the feet of the Messiah. Even then, scripture says onlookers were persecuting her even then, for the very act of praise she was giving to Yeshua (Jesus), but it didn't stop her. Notably, the scripture record doesn't indicate she ever said one word thru her visit.. her worship said all that needed to be said.

If we only allow, God will take our persecution.. He'll take our pain.. and show us how to turn it into praise, like this lady did!

Day Two - I Read:
Psalm 99-106
Luke 8 & 9
Much needed time in worship and prayer as well!

Believing God to #TurnPersecutionIntoPraise -

To any who might read this...

Keep Your Head Up & Your Faith Strong!
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