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pjrbakery commits to:
Lose 56 lbs. in 52 week(s)
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October 26
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265.69 lbs.
My Commitment Journal
October 20, 2021, 7:37 AM
Week 16:
I kept to my dietary plan all week but I only managed to fit in 3 sessions on my cross trainer.
This week I stopped measuring my weight daily and changed it to once a week on Wednesday mornings because I wasn't finding it motivating any more to see the daily fluctuations. It was a nice surprise to see another 4 pound weekly loss.
October 13, 2021, 8:26 AM
Week 15:
I achieved my initial goal this week. It took me 15 weeks rather than a year. On to my next goal of 14 stone by this Christmas.
Here is a summary of all the ways that I feel better having lost my weight so far.
I don't have back ache every day.
I don't get leg cramping.
I don't have severe numbness in my legs any more.
I can wear trousers over my hips now rather than under my belly.
Finally mentally I have changed my mind that running could be something that I do to keep fit. After Christmas I am going to complete the couch to 5K programme.
October 6, 2021, 7:56 AM
Week 14:
Stuck to an average of 1500 calories a day over a 7 day period with one day of fasting. I did 6 nights of 1 hour session on the cross trainer and managed to do 15 plus 15 press ups, with the last few being very difficult to complete.
This week I noticed that my back has not ached each day anywhere near as much as usually during the day.
Next week I will achieve my initial goal weight, but I am already focused on my secondary goal weight of 14 stone by Christmas.
September 29, 2021, 9:04 AM
Week 13:
I stuck to my 7 day average daily calorie intake of 1500 including one day of fasting. I did an hour on the cross trainer 5 nights this week. I finished the week able to do 20 then 10 press ups.
This week my weight loss pattern was very different than usual. After the lose of 2.4 pounds on Wednesday (my day of fasting) I then fluctuated down and back up to the same number until the last measurement today where I lost 1.4 pounds. I was aware of the potential 'plateau' all week but it really didn't bother me because I knew that my behaviours were consistent. In the end I achieved a great weekly loss again with no plateauing.
I want to achieve the weight loss without losing muscle mass and so reducing my fat percentage is just as important as my total weight.
My current fat percentage is 29.1 which is down from 38.5% when I started this challenge.
I will achieve my initial target within the next 2 weeks.
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