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RosyB commits to:
Stretching 2x daily, morning and evening (calves/hams & quads), and strength training (ST) to improve stability and mobility. Post Weekly game plan on Sun or Mon for a Mon start. Week 1: aim for 1 set of 10-16 reps of Glute bridge, Toe raises and Knee lifts. Aim for 5 reps of 3-5 seconds squat.
Overall, stretch 2x 7 days per week, strength train 5-6 days, but aim for 6.
Any day I don't stretch morn and eve, pay 10$ to Nurgle fund. Any week I don't do at least 5 STs, pay 10$ per missed session.
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November 23, 2021, 6:00 PM
Note to self:
To strengthen Hip Flexors, consider integrating one or 2 of the following in my ST routine, either to replace or in addition to my regular routine. Consider alternating exercise(s) throughout week:

-Supine straight-leg raise
-Supine, 1 leg straight, other leg bent 90 degrees w foot against a wall, bring that knee towards chest (test to see if this exo is even possible, is it helpful?)
-Seated knee lift. M/b lift knee on left with scarf, let go of scarf and try to hold position for as long as possible, then slowing down the descent as much as possible.

Try all 3 to test them out tomorrow, then decide how to integrate into routine.
November 23, 2021, 12:17 AM
Yay, I completed my new ST routine! New in the sense that I added the Foot Drop series as replacement to my toe lifts. But it didn't take took much time and contrary to what I anticipated, I do not feel wiped out. Again, yay!
November 22, 2021, 10:50 PM
I have a new plan now, which includes...
Strength Training – Exercises – M, W, F:

• Bridges
• Squats
• Knee Lifts (or alternative exo, tbd)
• FT series (approx 25 min) (replaces toe lifts)

Alternate days, I will do mobility exercises (bike, walk, and eventually stairs, when possible), followed by longer stretching sessions and self-massage. The goal is to exercise 6 days per week, while having rest days between ST sessions -thus the other things I mentioned.

I may create a new Commitment for my 6-Week Challenge, we'll see. Started today, ends Jan 3rd.
November 22, 2021, 12:24 PM
For this last week of the current commitment, I will keep many of the same parameters as last week, with some important modification to allow for muscle building rest days:

-Stretch multiple times a day, every day. Focus on quads, hams, and calves. Minimum 2x per day, shoot for 3x per day. Morning stretches to be done before work at 9am, 12pm on weekend.

--Incentive to do 3x/day for 7 days: 15$ prize for Success Fund.
--Penalty for not doing 2x/day: pay 5$ for each missed session up to a maximum of $15 to Nurgle.

-Do strength training (STs) exercises 3x per week, every second day, with a Sunday rest day. Can be done at any time of day.

--Penalty for not doing 3 sessions: $45 for each missed session, unless seriously sick.

Focus on the following 4 exercises at ST sessions:
-bridges (for glutes, core, legs)
-squats (glutes, legs (quads, hams), core)
-knee raises (hip flexors), consider adding or replacing with more challenging version
-toe lifts (tibialis, calves), consider doing FT series of MS Workouts

Aim to complete 2 sets of 12 bridges, 4-7 squats, 12-16 toes raises (or FT series), 12-16 knee raises (or alternative exercise). As I get stronger, aim to increase time under tension, and/or in the case of squats, lower the position that can be maintained with stability.
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