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A Godsend for my University Study
By Andrew Saul   
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February 8 has been a godsend for my university study. I am trying to change my career and as many other will know, working full time and studying can be an arduous task at the best of times. My StickK goals, more than anything else, have helped me focus on my study as I was never able to when I was a full time student.


That’s the best thing about for me; the ability to focus on what you really want. Anyone can work on their goals when they are feeling good and motivated, but that is not the majority of the time. It is all those times when you are not so enthused, or just not really motivated, that’s where shines. Because makes your goals allot like your job (you just have to get stuck in and do it regardless of how you may feel at the time), you find yourself making use of all those pieces of time that normally you fritter away on things that are far less important. You suddenly discover that rather than there being very little time available to you outside of your job, there is actually lots of time out there, and you just didn’t make the most of it. 


I like to think sometimes of my stickK goals as being a searchlight that helps me uncover the spare time I thought I didn’t have.    


Personally, the best results have come when I pair an on-going commitment with a one shot goal. In my study, for each subject, I work out what kind of grade I can realistically achieve if I put the work in, and make that outcome my one shot goal. I then work out how many hours I’ll need of study to achieve that, and make that my on-going commitment. This has two effects: 

Firstly the on-going commitment gives me a day by day focus on doing the physical hours. Each day I write up my hours of study I feel good that I am achieving something. 

Secondly the one shot goal focuses my study quality, so I am constantly reminded that I am not just doing the hours for the sake of them. I need to hit that one shot goal grade or I am going to lose my money. 


This has been the key for stickK for me. Without the combination of long term and short term focus it is easy to lose sight of what you need to do for your goals and of the gradual progress you are making towards them. I have also used to achieve some long overdue career research goals and reading goals. Again I used a combination of the one shot and on-going goals to set what I wanted to achieve, and keep me focused in achieving them. 


I would recommend stickK to anyone, and in fact I have gotten two of my friends using to achieve their goals already. They (like me) have lost a little money here and there, but they have also put more effort into their goals and achieved more towards them in a short space of time than they had for years previous. In time I hope to convince more of my friends and family to use this wonderful, powerful, and life changing tool. you complete me (apologies to Mr Cruise). 




Andrew Saul 


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June 7, 2014, 12:38:49 PM GMT
Way to go ...Mr. Saul!! and all the best for your future goals
Keep at it!!

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