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If there is one thing worth committing to, it's your education. Whether it's doing well in school, reading a new book, or learning a language, taking the time to sharpen your noodle is the wisest investment you can make.

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By nature all people are alike, but by education become different
- Author Unknown

Community Journal: Education & Knowledge

  • annx79uk Jan 21, 2022, 11:35 AM
    "Done. Recording sent to instagram."
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  • amarillia Jan 21, 2022, 9:59 AM
    "Spent another 2x50 min sessions with making notes and used 'focusmate' clarify, restructure some of the notes a bit and try to remember the summaries"
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  • Rxclrz Jan 21, 2022, 9:18 AM
    "I just finished answering my goal of two questions per day in my freelancing. Now, I have to focus on studying two-way slabs. I will pressure myself into completing studying today. Remember, I have learned it only when I can solve it myself. That is my goal for today. And then, practice makes permanent to master it."
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  • Rxclrz Jan 21, 2022, 9:16 AM
    "Okay, I changed my goal into answering only TWO questions per day, and it must be a backlog. I reached it within 3 hours which took most of my time. The solutions were long and it was difficult to look for a problem which was available. Anyway, I reached my goal for today."
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