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I committed to finishing one goal that has long-term impact a day.Before finishing that goal,I will resist temptation to do random browsing or chitchating.
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April 3, 2017, 6:40 PM
I didn't finish one big goal a day,because I 1)had an inconsistent sleeping schedule (Wednesday) 2)didn't study in a cafe or public space when I know I will succumb to the subconscious triggers in a home environment 3)was sidetracked by Bitcoin;during my break period,I should just tolerate the boredom,instead of seeking out Bitcoin info,which will inevitably impact my next study session. 4)had diarrhea 5)switch between tasks before one is finished;switch between sources of materials instead of focusing on understanding on. 6)quit too early;for instance,on the night of April 2,I felt frustrated with my parents demanding me to use a smartphone,so I slept early but I didn't fall asleep until an hour after. I should have worked through my emotions and write an action plan and get back to work instead.Also,I shouldn't click on Neural Network when I know I have two important and urgent deadlines in a day. That's a recurring mistake I have been making,which is costly to my productivity.
If I don't focus on one thing at one time,I can't possibly finish them in the most efficient manner.Lesson: I should any fun and new task like plague before I finish my daily quota of important tasks.
March 28, 2017, 3:05 PM
I failed to achieve one substantial goal a day especially on Saturday and Sunday.
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