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asbc goals commits to:
uncover the roots of my deep sense of shame and take steps to overcome it.
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asbc goals
January 24, 2018, 1:16 AM
Progress report

Actions I took:
- Went swimming again last Saturday
- Staying active in online communities and journaling daily
- Still getting familiar with the Eastern spirituality forum; I got a personal practice journal there
- Just created a separate commitment for my guitar goal
- Had my first session as a meditation coach for a friend; made $20

Actions still left to take:
- Go for a Tesla test drive
- Create separate commitments for all of my goals
- Take steps to resolve issue with university
- Come up with ideas for generating income
- Take action on the issue with my last employer - decide what action to take
- Begin posting on the spirituality forum

New actions to take:
- Look into giving a course and getting paid for it
- Why: this will get me back into teaching; it will be rewarding; it may lead to some income

- Start a blog to write about my interests
- Why: writing will help me deepen my knowledge of the things that I'm interested in; it will help me connect with people who share the same interests as me
asbc goals
January 11, 2018, 9:39 PM
Progress report:
- Finished organizing the books in my library and putting them up on LibraryThing.
- Have been reading the Eastern spirituality forum and getting ready to contribute
- Went swimming last Saturday as planned
- Have been journaling regularly and making progress with my emotional health
asbc goals
January 6, 2018, 12:32 AM
Progress report - January 5

Actions that I took today:
- Paid a few bills though my bank's website.
- Created an account on LibraryThing and started adding my library there. I'm aiming to complete this task in 1 week.
- Looked up swimming pools in my area. I'm planning to go mid-day tomorrow.
- Read some Taoism materials online.
- Cooked a vegan meal to last several days.
- Began watching a documentary called "97% Owned" about the instability and unfairness in the financial system due to money creation by private banks.
- Returned 3 books to the library (2 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy books and one by philosopher Derrida - none of which I read, in spite of my intentions).
- Wrote a journal entry for the day. Listed 5 gratitudes for the day.
- About to continue reading Freud's "Beyond the Pleasure Principle". I'm planning to get through the second chapter by the end of today.
- Planning to call a friend on the drive back from the library and arrange to go out with her tomorrow night if she is free.

Actions left to take:
- Come up with a strategy to reconnect with my old university.
- Make a longer post on the spirituality forum. Come up with a few questions to ask there.
- Look up volunteer opportunities.
- Arrange for Tesla test drive.

New actions to take:
- List 5 gratitudes each day.
- Why: this will remind me of the positive things in my life.

asbc goals
January 4, 2018, 11:09 PM
Progress report

Actions I took:
- I posted a question on an Eastern spirituality forum. I'm getting to know the community. I feel excited about sharing my experience there in the future.
- I've been journaling daily.

Actions I still need to take:
- Volunteer. I have some resistance to this. I have old cultural ideas about the pointlessness of volunteering. Also I don't want to step out of my comfort zone and do something new.
- Arrange for Tesla test drive. I have the agent's contact but have not followed up yet. Perhaps I feel some shame: in the short term I am not able to buy a Tesla. But then, being able to buy a car is not a prerequisite for going for a test drive.

New actions to take on my commitment:
- Consider starting a blog for each of my interests. This would help me organize my experiences, ideas and research. It would also connect me with others with similar interests.
- Re-establish contact with my university. This would help me rekindle connections that I've abandoned. It would also help me resolve some issues that I left outstanding.
- Start exercising regularly, for example swimming. This would keep me active and engaged with the world. It might also help me meet new people.
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