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Week 16 of 16

tschiltz commits to:
earn up to 15 points per week
-exercise (5pts)
-Yoga (5pts)
-30 min electronic free (5pts)
-60 min electronic free (10pts)
-EM (1pt each)
-Leisure reading (5pts)
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Commitment Journal
June 30, 2018, 8:04 PM
Last week my referee asked if I had worked out yet or done yoga. Since my answer was no, he challenged me to exercise this week. Challenge accepted! This week I earned a total of 19 points.
6/25: Yoga (5 pts) Music (1pt)
6/26: Music x2 (2pts)
6/27: Essential oils (1pt)
6/28: N/A
6/29: 30 min electronics free (5 pts)
6/30: Yoga (5 pts)
June 23, 2018, 3:52 PM
This week was also extremely busy. I was attempting to get all of my homework and supervision assignments completed before the weekend. This mean that I did not spend much time doing anything other than work and homework. My total points for this week are
6/18: essential oils (1pt)
6/19: Music x2 (2pts)
6/21: Music x2 (2pts), cleaning (1 pt)
6/22: 90 min electronics free (15 pt), essential oils (1 pt), music (1pt)
6/23: Music (1pt)
Total: 24 points
June 18, 2018, 1:39 AM
Do you need to adjust the length of this contract given that your class is ten weeks instead of the 16 you originally expected?
June 18, 2018, 1:24 AM
It was difficult to reach my goals this week. I experienced some car trouble and had to plan on leaving my weekend free so I could drive it home to be fixed. Due to the rural location of my home, I had to plan on all academic and work related projects which required high speed internet to be either competed by Thursday evening or on Sunday night. Because of this, I did not have much time to relax during the week. I still met my goal but do not feel as revitalized as I usually do at then end of a weekend going into the week. I would like to maintain my current level of points to continue being successful and not worry about 'failing' a week because of unforeseen events. This weeks total was 18 pts.
6/11: Leisure reading (5pts)
6/12: Music (1pt)
6/13: Cooking (1pt)
6/14: nothing
6/16: me time (3 pts)
6/17: me time (3 pts) electronics free time (30 min = 5 pts).
It was convenient to need to earn extra points on 6/17 because it allowed me to spend uninterrupted time with my dad and technically earn points at the same time.
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