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Reading and listening to the videos in Inbos Blueprint 2 hours a day to prepare to create an opt-in page and launch my first campaign,
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December 17
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December 10, 2018, 5:11 PM
This week I completed my opt-in-page. I began to write a free report. However, after reading all the information about a free report in Inbox Blueprint, I learned that the best way to do a free to go to Google and search for PLR Free Report. I did that and found a site They had free reports on health and antioxidants and I bought 3 sets of reports.I have to learn how to unzip them, and then I will begin to write one. I also made a You Tube Video.I used some of the wording
from my opt-in-page for the video.
December 3, 2018, 4:07 PM
During this week I completed Step 1 and part of Step 2 of Inbox Blueprint. In Step 1 we were instructed to research Niches. I already knew my Niche which was Health and Wellness. However, while the research I realized that in the future I would like do Digital Marketing. I also learned that beside Click Bank there are other Affiliate Marketing Progams that might be helpful to me, e.g. Click Funnel. Step 2 began with the Opt-in-Page. I found an example of an Opt-in-Page that was appropriate for me. I wrote text for the Opt-in-Page that I plan to use when I have cinoketed this oourse/
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