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- George Eliot

Community Journal: Career

  • juvoni Aug 16, 2018, 3:47 AM
    "Organizing and Saving Hard Drive Space with Dropbox"
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  • keankeeks Aug 16, 2018, 3:25 AM
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  • aceandrich Aug 16, 2018, 2:56 AM
    "Day 17 looking good feeling great and accomplished 2 videos!"
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  • joshmrallen Aug 16, 2018, 2:49 AM
    "I've still been meditating during my transit, but haven't been documenting it, and have been missing meditation before bed. But you're right, I need to keep that up since it helps my sleep quality and performance. Here's 2 hours I just completed tonight because I had to sleep in this morning because I got home super late last night thanks to crunch time at work, woohoo. Here we go, continuing with this mini project. I’m currently on step 14. Trying to figure out why this isn’t working. Ah hah, in urlToFetch, I had an extra ‘&’ when I was giving the value for client_secret. It’s supposed to be the parameter and its value: client_secret=${clientSecret} (I had an extra ‘&’ after the equal sign haha). Looks like it doesn’t show me the url, but I can definitely see the object and the response in the JavaScript terminal. Oh cool, I found the 10 requested nearby cities (that we specified int he request int he url with that limi=10 parameter. Have to remember to have either a return statement or a method/function call at the end of the if statement to show or return some information we got. Oh whoops, I put forecastURL instead of forecastUrl. Wow, I can see all the forecast data for 4 days from today. I’m going to update renderVenues with guidance — mainly because I notice that the hint uses the venues variable without declaring it again even though it was declared in a different function and before, we used the same variable name in other functions like the getForecast function when we started our request code. Ah, there it is: "Start by creating a const venueto represent the individual venue object inside of the .forEach()callback. Save the current venue at venues[index] to this variable.” Ohh, ‘venues’ is a parameter that’s being called for renderVenues(). So there’s an array of <div>’s in index.html where information returned in the response from the Foursquare API will be rendered to the screen on the page. That’s why we have this .forEach() method being used on that array, which is being called with ‘$venueDivs’. Remember that in Javascript, objects are arrays of data, that’s why they keep using the language interchangeably when they say array and object sometimes. For example, we know we just declared a const called venue. The guide in the next step said to create a new const to save the value of the object representing the venue icon, which is accessible as the icon property of the first element in the array of categories of the venue “object.” I assume this is all in some API’s documentation and it explains that these arrays/objects have these properties. I guess I would double check what the response when I did the initial requests so I could see all the properties. Then, when rendering all the information for index.html, you would use what you got from the initial response. The API is giving you all this information and you can choose how you want to present it. In this case right now, we have chosen to show the venue icon which came with the venue info in the request we received. They act like logging it to the console is so easy, but since renderVenues is still incomplete and since venueIcon is being defined inside of it, I’m not able to call it without getting errors. I’ll continue at this step, step 30, in the morning. "
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