Green Initiatives

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Justen Walker
I’ve recently learned about the act of “fake recycling” from a beloved friend; a...
My name is Linda Lambert and I am 47 years young. I was a smoker since the age...
Terri Wentworth-Davis
Halloween is coming up, signaling the beginning of chocolate season (which will...
Helen de la Maza
Along with the colorful leaves, brisk weather, and longer hours of autumn come...

Green Initiatives

"Don't blow it - good planets are hard to find."
- Quoted in Time Magazine

Save Our Planet. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Go Green. We've heard a thousand slogans asking us to do our part for planet Earth, but are we really listening? Commit to changing the little things in our lives that make a big difference for our environment. It's time to start caring.

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21 Jul
Don't lose track
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skye k
9 Jul
Went on vacation and it was super easy, I no longer feel any need for meat or seafood!!! I slowly want to become more vegan, by cutting out cheese and milk when I can. I mainly want to stick to fruits and veggies, bread and starches, beans and nuts, and anything that doesnt seems to kill me. I really do believe that I can do this easily.
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25 Jun
It's been tough, but rewarding using alternatives such as FirehoseProject and CodeAcademy to supplement learning on FCC. Finally have a SMART outline of 9 web apps to build for UF.
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16 Feb
It's going well we would've gone for a walk yesterday but it was raining, and we've got a really healthy tea tonight of scrambled egg healthy bacon home made chips in fry light and beans
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