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23 Aug 2012
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Custom Goal (Improve work life and... #254605
Dimpz commits to:    Improve work life and try to get driving license in a year.
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Contract Start: 5 Nov 2012       "Improve work life and try to get driving license in a year."
I commit to:
I commit to improving my work life and getting as close if not having my driving license within a year from today.
Contract End: 7 Oct 2013
Contract Length: 48 week(s)
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9 Oct 2013 10:50 AM

Had a longish chat with Cleo! And as there will soon be a few changes being made: I.e Jeromy leaving soon, there will be no more of his income so need to start looking for a job not that I haven't already! Me and Cleo decided that I will do 50 50 for admin jobs as well as general jobs. N if I did get a job say in a bar, that would only be until I get an apprenticeship. Also will be looking into work within charities! As I feel that would be a great step for me to take.

18 Sep 2013 11:00 AM

Lost my phone a little while ago! B ut that has not stopped me from doing what it is that needs doing...Job searching attending job centre appointments etc. Not feeling so good as has heavy nose bleed early hours of this morning feeling a bit weak! But saw a vacancy on oxford street for admin assistant so will print out a c.v. at westminster kingsway college and hand it. But then must rest as not feeling so good! x

9 Sep 2013 04:31 PM

Got back from Tenerife 5th August as arrived early hours of the morning on the 4th! Excellemt break despite a few hiccups! Have managed to complete my nob seekers allowance form yesterday as well as spending the whole day applying for jobs! Woke up at 9am approx this morning and texted Blane in regards to apprenticeship positions so hopefully hear back from him during this week at some stage. If not I will be sure to follow him up in the week. Am also awaiting to hear from Jane my Assessor however am fully aware that she is very busy and informed me that it would take afew weeks for her to forward me my units. Also today have been applying for jobs too and am quite happy as have applied for plenty in space of two days! Will continue to do so as well as communicate with Blane and hopefully at this rate will not be on job seekers for long! Managed to have a clean with Cleo before we both jetted off! Meeting to have on Cleo's arrival.

21 Aug 2013 06:49 PM

And Glor will look to see if she can find a place that does single driving lessons at a good price, and snap one up. Will keep my eyes peeled for some too.

21 Aug 2013 06:41 PM

Glor and I had a good meeting Monday evening in our bedroom.
She tried to write up on here what we discussed during the meeting but it doesn't seem to be allowing her to post it.

- Her JSA amount coming on 27th August?
- Her money from Jeromy amount?
- Her current balance?
- Them added all up TOTAL IS?

- How much to leave in her account to cover phone bill and all direct debits?
- How much is left spending money in Tenerife?
- How much to keep from spending money for when Glor gets back to live on? (until JSA claim is reopened)

9 Aug 2013 10:56 AM

-I will find out the full company name for you by today or tomorrow as I'm seeing Ed tomorrow
- i had one incident of self destruct.
- I will not be paying all the money I get into my account as I meant to be jobless. If my bank etc starts seeing sums of income coming in them it looks dodgy. So I decided to keep the cash with me somewhere where noone knows, which is what I have been doing so far and it had worked fine. Occasionally I put some money into my current account here and there but not big amounts as its bate. And I put money into my savings for my holiday too.
- was at job centre yesterday, my actual sign on day is next Friday then the money should be in my account two weeks after that. Then every two weeks then on
- I called quick quid yesterday two days ago and they need to receive their payment of £133 by 30th August (33pound being the interest)
- phone bill 11th of each month but can pay before that is now a new sum of £43.70 (including insurance) as I now have an I phone 5
- my reward account overdraft £5 every 28th - to end of month. Payed on 28th as that was when I was getting paid. Already paid them an extra £10 2 days back as had the money and thought it would be helpful to bring down the amount.

- already stated above regarding quick quid and am aware of the charges that can add on (wont ever be taking out another loan)
- was on the phone to the court enforcement guy Ian and head office yesterday morning. And the head office informed me that they can provide me with a payment card? Which means I can go into an off licence and make payments like that. I informed them that the court did not provide me with any payment/account details, and also informed them that the judges mentioned it would be every 2 weeks I receive my benefit at £5 - they informed me that they cannot process any payment plans as hammering court have not sent over the information yet on my case, and they need all this first. They said it should all be processed by Monday that I should call back then. So hopefully be able start it up then.
- I want to focus on a cooker first if that's alright. I will focus on driving when I get back from Tenerife.
- and try to get myself in an excited mood for my holiday!

I hope this is all clear for you. If I have missed out anything please let me know. Now I just need to have the money in place for the right times.

8 Aug 2013 05:00 PM

We just thank God, so good that Glor has found this PA role with Ed an owner of his very own food distribution business. (Need to find out his full name and the business name too though??)

Which now means that Gloria has some income coming in less than a month after the unfortunate loss of her Urang role. We talked about how VERY MUCH she needs to use this oppotuntiy constructively to her best advantage and not destructively to end up back at square one. (No income but JSA onces that comes through) THIS MEANS PAYING THE MONEY STRAIGHT INTO HER ACCOUNT HERSELF as unlike Urang and Premier Inn used to pay her straight into her account for her then the direct debits being automatically paid she needs to MAKE SURE she pays the cash into her account herself on the right dates.

**Glor therefore needs to sit down check her online bank statement to find out when all her direct debits are collected from her account. DATES & EXACT AMMOUNTS. AND WRITE IT DOWN HERE IN HER STICKK JOURNAL. Then make sure that she leaves right amount money in her account on the right date for them ALL to be collected in order to avoid missing payments resulting in bank charges.

** SECOND Glor needs to then call quick quid and find out what DATE they will be taking their repayment back and the total AMOUNT they'll be taking????? ALSO WRITE HERE IN STICKK JOURNAL (As it won't be just £100, this is how these places make money, by adding a charge to what you borrow. So remember that, when ever you take any sort of loan the reason is because you will pay back the loan amount took and the interest CHARGE on top. This is how they ALL WORK)
Then also make sure she has the right amount of money in her account on the right date as missing this QUICK SQID payment will cause MORE CHARGES ON TOP TOO.

** THIRD soon Glor signs on and finds out when her payment days are needs to also call THAT NUMBER the court gave and set up a small direct debit to continue paying back that fine for the bus fairs too ALSO RIGHT THE AMMOUNT AND DATE IT WILL STRAT TO BE TAKEN HERE IN THE STICKK COMMITMENT JOURNAL**

NOW SOME GOOD STUFF TO DO ** Book a driving lesson or lessons next time you get payed by Ed if you can. And have one before you leave for Tenerife and the others when you get back. Wouldn't that be a fab step forward for your driving licence goal?!?


** And so GLAD you texted this morning asking for THE Steven Pressfield link her it is:

http://www.stevenp 3/a-natural-life/

There are so many good reads like this one that just get you mental muscles working out on the website. Have a look get to know the website well by looking around it for titles of pieces of writing that interest or attract you. even jumpmout at you if you like, as that's what some of them do. Then just read them for yourself, and maybe recommend me one or two :) He is so full of wisdom, and will learn much from him.

Well, will keep on looking forward to your feed back on the one above that I've reposted at your text request. Enjoy it!


6 Aug 2013 02:41 PM

Well, I lost my job through no fault of mine but did my best sticking it out there the best I could for as long as I could! Now I am a part time p.a for a food distribution guy. This is done 3 days a week usually or could be more even. Cash in hand but put it into both my accounts. Still looking for something else proper another good paying apprenticeship perhaps and could still do this on the side for extra money. Lets leave my future Gods hands xx

30 Jul 2013 06:00 PM

Well. Where do I begin? Firstly, I didn't want to leave this blank considering my new found circumstances of losing my job out of no fault of my own must I add. However I am trying each day to work forward in order to still complete these goals and more...Wish me luck :)

17 Jul 2013 11:08 AM

All agreed! xx

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