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4 Nov 2012
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Custom Goal (Write and submit a... #255922
forestamy commits to:    Write and submit a short story
Next required report: No more reports due  
Total Amount on the line: $50.00   Successful Periods: 4
Stakes per period: $5.00 Unsuccessful Periods: 6
Remaining Stakes: $0.00 Total Money Lost: $30.00
Contract Start: 13 Nov 2012       "Write and submit a short story"
I commit to:
Write 700 words a week
Contract End: 22 Jan 2013
Contract Length: 10 week(s)
Recipient of Stakes: Charity
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16 Jan 2013 01:39 PM

I intend to start going to the Western writing group from now on. I intend to have something prepared to share at each meeting. I am going to get a new stylus pen for my ipad so its not such a pain to write on it. I like the idea of thinking at night about my story, and getting up in the morning and writing it. I submitted my story to guideposts. I started a new one, but I'm not sure its going to gel. I had 3 different ideas, sometimes the ideas sound great in my head, but when I start to write, its not as great as it was in my head.

12 Dec 2012 03:27 PM

I had a dream early this morning, with details about Fantasy Farm. It is really hard for me to get into this habit. I am tired. I am distracted. I am fearful for some reason.

8 Dec 2012 06:54 PM

700 words a week is not that all difficult. Just do 150 a day, Most of your reports are close to half of that. And i'm sure that it did'nt take that long.

Make sure that you don't have another red period above. You can do it. We all have it in us to achieve that which we set out to achieve.

5 Dec 2012 06:40 AM

I did make progress. I feel like i am just trying to gresevthe wheeks mainly and get a habit established.

28 Nov 2012 11:04 AM

What I was hoping to accomplish withis goal was to grease the wheels so to speak and create a new writing habit. I think it's working. I had my first successful week. And I started to get into the groove of it and enjoy the process. Staring with writing personal experiences which is easy as pie, but will that kind of thing sell. Well I guess we will see

21 Nov 2012 01:07 PM

Week 2

1. Reviewed markets
2. Practice Ipad handwriting
3. Attended Book reading

This Week

20 Nov 2012 11:55 PM

Well. At least it forced me to consider my options and move in the right direction. I did attend a book reading.

16 Nov 2012 02:49 PM

4days before the report is due and still nothing. I was up by 6 this morning and writing on my mind. I cleaned the kitchen. Put in a load of laundry. And had a difficult conversation with Rick. Which all added up to nothing written. I checked my old computer files and notebooks. I know I recently had a great idea for. A story and wrote it Dow. Somewhere!

15 Nov 2012 11:48 AM

5 days before the first report is due. 700 words, does not seem like a lot. I've probably already written that in misc FB posts and an email to Jeremy. My back is sore. I went to bed late last night, went to a class last night. Found out bad news at work. I feel like I need to get organized first. I mean geez, which short story idea, or general direction should I go in? I need to look at my notes for inspiration. And when am I going to do this? My week is booked to the gills. Do I need to let go of some activities?

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