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2 Jan 2013
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Custom Goal (execute the entire... #266133
anash103 commits to:    execute the entire process to file a ppa for an idea
Next required report: No more reports due
Successful Periods: 0   Unsuccessful Periods: 1
Contract Start: 3 Jan 2013       "execute the entire process to file a ppa for an idea"
I commit to:
Choose one of my ideas, research market, create a sell sheet, file a ppa and contact 5 companies
Contract End: 17 Jan 2014
Contract Length: 379 day(s)
Recipient of Stakes: No stakes
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Reporting period: 3 Jan to 17 Jan
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Not Successful
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20 Jan 2013 04:20 PM

I have decided this goal interferes with my more immediate goals as it divides my time and attention. The patent is set up I am just waiting for money to submit it and time to contact companies and manufacturers. This goal will resume once I have obtained a coop at an innovative design firm.

3 Jan 2013 06:15 AM

The goal is set I am to begin this goal the day after I arrive back in Charlotte by picking which idea I wish to run with. From there I will do market research - Including companies and manufacturors - and verify the product. Then create a benefit statement and sell sheet. Once those are done I will file the PPA using the software I've purchased. The last step of my goal will be to create an elevator pitch and find contacts. By the time this goal is up I will have tried every company I can find searching for a bite. If my idea is unsuccessful I have still learned the process for my next brilliant idea.

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