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July 12, 2023, 8:27 PM
Goal: To learn the basics of Python within 3 weeks.
Timeframe: 3 weeks.
Accountability Partner: Shivika will monitor and provide support.


Starting from the upcoming Monday, you commit to dedicating focused time and effort to learn the basics of Python.
You'll allocate a specific number of hours each day for studying and practicing Python, tailored to your schedule and availability.
Your objective is to gain a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts and syntax of Python by the end of the 3-week period.
Learning Materials and Resources:

You will demonstrate what you have learned from Bernard over the past 3 lessons.
The lessons with Bernard will serve as the primary learning resource for your Python journey.
Supplement your learning with additional resources, such as online tutorials or textbooks, if needed.
Daily Twitch Sessions:

To showcase your progress and commitment, you will broadcast a daily 1-hour learning session on Twitch from Monday to Friday.
During these sessions, you will engage in hands-on Python exercises, coding challenges, or tutorial walkthroughs.
The Twitch sessions will provide a platform for you to share your learning journey and interact with viewers who can offer support and feedback.

If you fail to stick to the daily lessons and miss any of the Twitch sessions, you'll impose a financial penalty of £172 for each missed session.
The penalties will be paid if you do not meet the daily lesson requirements and will serve as an added motivation to stay committed upon the weekily review.
Presentation and Consequences:

At the end of the 3-week period, you will prepare a personal presentation on Twitch, highlighting what you have learned from Bernard and during the daily Twitch sessions.
If you are unable to complete the final presentation for any reason, you will forfeit an amount of £516.
The forfeiture will serve as a consequence for not fulfilling the commitment.
Role of Shivika:

Shivika will serve as your accountability partner and provide support throughout your Python learning journey.
She will be available for guidance, clarifications, and recommendations on resources.
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