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I commit to watching/using digital entertainment just one day per week. This includes but is not limited to: watching movies, playing video games (on phone or otherwise), watching tv series and movies on the iPad through streaming sites, watching broadcast tv, watching tv or movies through apple tv, rokutv, amazon video, or any other streaming or broadcasting service. The purpose being to use that time constructively for personal development (health, mental, inter/intrapersonal).
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May 29, 2017, 3:21 AM
It's easier to enjoy books, since I have all the time I need to read them slowly and enjoy immersing myself. There's no anxious feeling of indecisiveness, since reading is my default activity. That and cooking. In a way, it's like feeding both parts of myself: my body and my mind. I can get to work immediately on cooking since I don't feel the compulsive need to watch a story all the way to the end, watching episode or movie by movie. I can lay right down and open a book and take my time with it. I can even put the book down and go outside for a walk.

Not only this, but when I get a chance to watch a movie with Daisy, I'm able to enjoy it fully and not feel a ubiquitous anxiety and guilt at having watched/indulged in something without her, since watching tv shows was something we used to do together, so when I indulged (which was everyday), I always felt guilt, shame, and anxiety.

And saving all that indulgence for one day really pays off, because I still get to 'satisfy the video compulsiveness;' freeing up all other days for the enjoyment and betterment of person, cooking, thinking, living.
May 20, 2017, 4:59 PM
The mistake would be to think that this will be easy. This is going to be hard. Already there have been a few instances. Mostly, my wife finding a video, tv show, or movie and asking if I'd like to watch it with her. The temptation is large because we rarely get to enjoy things like that together these days since she comes home late from class most nights of the week.

But, the upside, as I know her pretty well, is that she doesn't continue watching things to the end. She almost always starts a movie, leaves to do something else and tells me to keep watching it alone. This is pretty much what happened last night, even though I didn't watch anything with her. So I went to bed on time.

That was one reason I didn't join her, the other reason being that I have already planned to binge watch The Listener as much as possible on Sunday.

It might be apparent that I really enjoy enjoying videos with my wife. So I tend to feel pretty dejected when she loses interest and leaves me to watch alone -- I always kept watching because of some compulsion to watch all the way until the end. Once I've watched all the way until the end, I feel like I want more, so I start another one, and then the cycle continues. Almost as if I feel compelled to get to the end of the story -- which means that if I'm watching a tv series, then binge watching is going to happen, no question about it.
May 15, 2017, 11:56 PM
Podcasts are ok as long as they are controlled. The radio is freaking boring and all of my podcasts are self-improvement related. Therefore, while driving or doing chores, it's ok to listen to podcasts since it pertains to my goals of controlling entertainment and using time for self development and learning.

Furthermore, the purpose in this is to find joy in non-media related activities, such as walking in the park outside after work, jogging, basketball, exercise of any time, yoga if find it, meetups, etc.

Purpose also is to find enjoyment in socializing outside of work and family and learn how to make good friends, not just acquaintances. If I join a meetup in the middle of the week and the activity includes some media-related entertainment, it's fine. The purpose is control of what my time when I'm alone at home or at home with Daisy.
May 15, 2017, 4:23 AM
I've committed to controlling my time on entertainment so I can use it constructively for other personal improvement of any kind. The first being health and knowledge.

One day a week, i will allow myself to watch whatever I want for whichever length of time.

I will choose that day to be Sunday since it is my 'cheat' day all already for carbohydrates. I can watch anything I want on Sunday.

Sometimes the day might change. If I'm not working catering and I'm at home with Daisy, then I will make that day the cheat day and note it in the commitment journal.
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