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AlbertKFong 14
May 31, 2019, 1:17 AM
On Friday's news, CNN10 decided to stop today and return on Monday, because next week is the last week of school in public school normally.
In the news, I found out that, in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu had won the fifth term as the Nation's leader. That would make him the longest serving Prime Minister in Israel's history. Now the Nations are preparing for another round of elections in September.
To be a Prime Minister, a politician needs to support at least 61 seats in Israel's Knesset. After April's election, it appeared that Netanyahu had support at least 61 seats.
I also found out that China and the US have been trying to find a trade agreement for months. But they haven't found it yet.
I found out that Tulips were grown from Turkey and the Turkish introduced the Tulips to the Dutches in the 15 hundreds. They were popular and high demand which means the price has gone up. Rare Tulip colors prices get higher up. In 1637, some Dutches began to doubt that they really would make more money on Tulips. so they started selling them. Then the Tulip population crashes and the entire fortunes were lost.
AlbertKFong 14
May 30, 2019, 1:01 AM
On Thursday's news, I found out that in Southern Africa, a change has been made in Botswana. It concerns to elephants. Since 2004, it is illegal to hunt elephants. In Botswana, there's an estimate that there are at least 130 thousand African elephants. They put a ban for killing elephants since 2014 to help the elephants recover from habitat loss and poaching when they kill them illegally. Now the Botswana government has taken down that law. Which means that animal hunting is legal to do. Legal hunting must be far away from people's homes. People were injured by elephants each year and a villager told CNN that they destroyed crops and it does not benefit the community.
AlbertKFong 14
May 29, 2019, 2:34 AM
On Wednesday's mews, I found out that in the US, the country with the most violent weather in the world, there are more than 500 reports about Tornados in the last 30 days. That happened 4 times before. The national weather service said that they have received more than 50 tornado reports on Monday and Tuesday. On the west of the Rocky Mountain, recently saw colder than average conditions. More on the East of the Rocky Mountain has seen severe storms, flooding, and heat wave. There has been a lot of damage to the Midwest. In Ohio, houses and school were damaged, 7000 people in Ohio have no electricity.
AlbertKFong 14
May 29, 2019, 2:18 AM
On Tuesday's news, I found out that in the UK, Theresa May announced that she would resign as nation's leader. The main reason what the prime minister described as a deep regret that she cannot deliver the Brexit. The deal that the Prime Minister had with the EU to be approved by Britain's parliament to take effect, but it did not happen.
The conservative party is hoping to replace the current Prime Minister. The lawmakers said that they'll plan to choose a new leader by July 20th. Whoever had the job as a Prime minister, have the challenge of forging a Brexit plan that both Britain and the EU parliament agreed to. If one isn't reached, a no deal Brexit would happen.
I also found out that the British surveyor found the name, Mount Everest. This year, 11 mountaineers died in Mount Everest. May is considered that best month to climb Mount Everest due to the weather is usually a little better and the winds aren't as extreme as in other months. But a mountain guide told CNN that this year's weather isn't that great.
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