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Alison2310 commits to:
1) Being in credit in my Current Account at the end of each month and not robbing other accounts to achieve this.
2) Not spending money on wasteful things or other people that make me feel remorseful or stupid afterwards.
3) Making sure I get back what I'm owed by people or work
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September 19
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My Commitment Journal
September 12, 2019, 8:56 AM
I need to make sure I give as much attention to this commitment as I am to the other commitment I've now got going. My 'Stop Wasting Money' commitment has been ok this week, but I did drop the ball a little by not making a note of a couple of items that have come in this month: such as paying for my old phone - I forgot about it when I got my new one - and when I only received one item that I ordered for holiday, rather than two, I assumed i had only order the one, but didn't go back to check the order. DOH! I may have wasted a little bit of money on a phone cover, from China (will I never learn - NOTE TO SELF: don't buy from China!) so I've noted that and it will reflect in my Grade, but it's not enough to fail myself.

Here are my scores for the week:
Current Account in Credit: A, 2) No Wasteful Spend: C, 3) People Owing me Money: B. Therefore, I give myself the following Grade: B-
September 5, 2019, 9:12 AM
After my initial scare, at the start of this week, which I now realise was me being overly hard on myself and a bit hungover (!!), I am now well of track with my Excel Spreadsheet and am monitoring my spend and expected expenses well. I feel comfortable with the items I've treated myself to (for our holiday and the band) and I'm also starting to get to grips with putting together a proper business plan for Tangerine. I really feel I want to make a go of that but it will depend on whether I can sustain these positive financial habits. The only slight fly is that my MD Dave asked me to work on a van graphic for one of his friends - I bought a van template but have not heard any more from the guy or Dave, so that's £27 I need to get back from Dave.

So, here is my score for the week:
1) Current Account in Credit: A, 2) No wasteful spend: A, 3) People owing me money: B+. Therefore, I give myself the following Grade: A+
September 2, 2019, 2:46 PM
Earlier on I scared myself with the thought that I had messed up on my Finance Control Spreadsheet with a massive miscalculation. Admittedly, I am the biggest fool that walks the earth because I actually don't trust myself to get things right and I do make silly mistakes ( hmmm, I feel another StickK Commitment coming on there..).

So what happened was, I did forget to include the amount of my side-line business' web site annual renewal, due this month, to my shiny new September spreadsheet, but when I did add it in, for some reason, my remaining disposable income figure plummeted to a massive Minus number that, for the life of me, I couldn't make any sense of! I started to panic and hate myself intensely for being a complete idiot and had to walk away from it and do something else; worried sick that I was in the region of £800 out!

I took another look at the sheet this afternoon and checked each of the Excel sum formats and, guess what.....the calculation hadn't taken away all the Standing Orders and DDs that left my account today, which is why the bottom line looked so bleak. As soon as I sorted that out things returned to normal. Such a massive relief!!!
MORAL OF THE TALE: Pay attention Bond!
August 29, 2019, 9:17 AM
I wish I could run the rest of my life with the same system as my finances. I have had to check myself this week, as there is now a danger that I'll take my eye off the ball now that I've had an exceptional week financially. So, I have tried really hard not to waste any money but I felt that treating myself to a few new clothes would be ok, so that's not really a waste - especially as they're not expensive and I do intend to de-clutter and throw out some old clothes.
So, to cut to the chase and the scores for this week - end of the month:
1) Current Account in Credit: A, 2) No wasteful spend: B, 3) People owing me money: A. Therefore, I give myself the following Grade: A
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