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mollyopteryx commits to:
WED 4/3: 4 hours on gif development.
THURS 4/4: 3 hours gif development.
FRI 4/5: 3 hours gif development.
SAT 4/6: 3 hours gif development (must be a 3-frame plant drawing).
Sunday 4/7: 3 hours mural development
Monday 4/8: 3 hours mural development
Tuesday 4/9: 3 hours mural development
Wed 4/10: go to gym. spend 2 hours on gif development
thurs 4/11: finish 2 gifs by end of day. Eat nothing but 4 soylent meals daily (less than 300 cals each) plus any fresh fruit you want up until 4/11
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April 3 to April 11
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Anti-charity (Abortion: Americans United for Life)
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