Exercise, Release & Stretch 5-6/wk Star this Commitment
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RosyB commits to:
Release at least 1/day (quads, calves).
Stretch at least 2/day (quads, hams, calves, arms, neck, shoulders).
Complete at least 4 exercises (3 sets of 10+ reps) on 5 to 6 times per week. Exercises must include at least 1 for lower body, and at least 1 for core (glutes and/or abs).
I also commit do going out for itty-bitty walks at least 5/week, and indoor exaggerated walking at least 5/week.
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My Commitment Journal
May 20, 2020, 1:09 AM
Day 2 involved stretching 2+ times, releasing, and STs. STs included the Core5 and the full UB4, though I will need to review one exercise from the latter. The CH doesn't really work. So instead I did the Elbows Up & Back (EUB). But I'll check to see if another exercise is more appropriate.

Tonight, I'm tired enough to go to sleep. I'll go to sleep and do my ST, R & S tomorrow and beyond. Good night!
May 18, 2020, 2:39 AM
Day 1 of Commitment 2 Done! Oof, my Core5 exercices are tough enough as it is, I considered not adding on the LB4. In the end, I added but 2 LBs, the LX And HS. I released quads & calves and stretched the 3 Big 3 (quads, calves & hammies). Feels good, and I'm mighty tired now. Nighty night!
May 16, 2020, 9:48 PM
And to revisit the 4 LBs, they are:

1) Leg Side-Extentions (LXs) (med glutes)
2) Leg Adductors (LA) (inner-thighs)
3) Single-Leg Squats (SLS) (quads, hams, etc)
4) Heel Slides (HS) (quads, hams)

For overall core strength, especially the chain of muscles throughout the back of the body, I would like to throw in a very basic DEADLIFT (DL), which would use a walking stick as the 'weight'. As I progress, I could add soup cans and later my 4lb hand weights. To begin with it, I will aim to complete 3 sets of 5 reps at each session. The DL in effect modifies the C4 into C5.

So, in CONCLUSION, my weekly ST regime will resemble this:

S - C5 + LB4 (LX + LA + SLS + HS)
M- C5 + UB4 (BI + TRI + CP + TE)
T - C5 + LB4
W- OFF (or, C5 + UB4)
Th- C5 + LB4
F - C5 + UB4
Sa- C5 + UB4d
May 16, 2020, 9:18 PM
I'd like to revisit the contents of my commitment. The basics will remain the same, including a minimum of the following, on a minimum of 5 days/week:

-RELEASING (R) quads & calves 1x per day
-STRETCHING (S) quads, calves and hams 2x per day
-3 sets of 10+ reps for each of 4 STRENGTH TRAINING exercises (STs).

This is the basic commitment. With regards to STs, I established parameters but purposefully kept things flexible so that I can adapt my program as time goes on. However, at least to begin, I think a more determinate program will be helpful. Given that there are several new elements to this commitment as compared to the last one, I need to know exactly what I must do to be successful. Fewer choices, fewer decisions to be made. For this reason, I will determine and reiterate the 4 core exercises I will need to do at every session. I began pinning these down in the May 13, 10:22 pm post, and I will set them out again here.

The CORE 4 are:

2) ABS LEAN-BACK or TUMMY VACUUMS (lying down)
4) KNEE LIFTS (sitting, standing, or lying down)

I know I said fewer choices were better and then I promptly presented 2 or more options per exercise, which I'm sure appears contradictory. I don't think it is, though, because it works for me. ;)

If I do this core program at every session, I will have fulfilled my commitment. However, I hope to do more than this. Ultimately, the 4 Core STs will help me improve incrementally from my current level. This is good! And yet, by adding other STs, I will improve in other, complementary ways that may come together to create exponential improvement. That is awesome!

As you may recall from my May 13th post, I listed 4 additional lower body exercises (LBs) and 8 additional upper body exercises (UBs). 8 is too many! So, I whittled down the list to 4. This way, after completing my CORE 4 (C4), I can add either 4 LB STs or 4 UB STs on an alternating basis. Depending on whether I take 2 or only 1 Rest Day (RD) per week, I'll be able to complete 2-3 sessions of UBs and 2-3 session of LBs in the week. My renewed list of UB exercises is:

1) Bicep curles (Bi)
2) Tricep extensions (Tri) (leaning forward or overhead)
3) Chest Press (CP) (w band wrapped around back of chair)*
4) Trap arm extension (w hands palms up clutching band)**, chest height and elbows slightly bent, extending out and to the sides, feeling traps)

*Instructions (
-Keep both palms down, elbows bent and parallel to the shoulders. Both hands should be positioned just outside of shoulder width.
-Push the resistance band forward until the arms are fully extended in front of the body (don’t touch hands together).
-Slowly revert back to starting position.
** For instruction, see video: .
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