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Manage and Control my Finances by 1) Keeping my Current Account in Credit (without stealing from other Accounts), 2) Keep Remorseful / Wasteful / Frivolous Spend to a Minimum, 3) Make Sure I get back Money People Owe Me and 4) Aim to Save Money Each Month.
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April 12, 2021, 9:37 AM
I think I'm starting to turn a corner in so much as I think I know what I DON'T want so that means this is what I DO want: work from home, give Tangerine a really good go, look at part-time jobs to apply for or permanent jobs without responsibility...maybe not even in Marketing??? I do want to earn good money and I do want to be successful and bring in a regular income but I don't want to fall into the trap of accepting second best for the sake of it or put myself in a position where I'm out of my depth knowledge-wise - at least with Tangerine, I can learn at my own pace.

The week has been quite interesting money-wise. Terry and I had an unexpected refund on a House Insurance policy we used to have with them - only £64 but it's better than a poke in the eye and it went straight in to our Fun and Food Account. Then I discovered that, by paying only £88 and going on an on-line speed awareness course, I could avoid a £100 fine and 3 points on my licence. This is what I did, and, actually, I learned a lot and really enjoyed it. I also paid for this year's car tax which was cheaper than I thought it was going to be (only £155 and not £175) so I feel good about that.

On the down side, I have to go back to the hygienist at the dentist in May (another £130) to deep-clean my teeth and I had to buy different flosses/brushes etc. I also put some postage stamps on my own card - not the house card....but, actually, the "house" paid for Easter presents so I guess that's my contribution to the house.

On the Tangerine payment front I was paid instantly by one client (and negotiated making a few changes, when they are ready, as part of the payment) but I am still waiting for a small payment from another client - who is notoriously bad at getting back to me. I have released her logo so I really hope she pays me. I'll chase her at the end of the week if I've heard nothing.

Here are my Scores/Grades for the past week:
1) Current Account in Credit in its Own Right: 100%(A)
2) Keep Remorseful / Frivolous / Wasteful Spend to a Minimum: 100% (A)
3) People Not Owing Me Money: 90%(B)
Therefore, this week, I award myself the following Score/Grade: 97% (B+)
April 5, 2021, 1:21 PM
It's now been two weeks since receiving the news about being made redundant and, although I feel a bit easier about the whole thing, I feel like I'm treading water because I haven't finished my website or my CV - my CV was slated by a professional CV writing company and I've sort of lost my confidence a bit.

Saying that, the people I've spoken to, friends and colleagues, have all been really supportive of my going solo with Tangerine. That could be the way I go and get a part-time job too. Anyway, we'll see and this week I MUST get it all sorted.

I'm waiting to hear about my speeding fine and points and also what my car tax is going to be this year. Easter ended up being ok as we paid for everything out of the Fun and Food Account. I did manage to take £200 forwards to this month, from March, so that's good. I do need to invoice two outstanding jobs though, but I'm waiting for the ladies to come back to me before I can invoice them.

So, here are the Scores/Grades for the week:
1) Current Account in Credit in its Own Right: 100%(A)
2) Keep Remorseful / Frivolous / Wasteful Spend to a Minimum: 100%(A)
3) People Not Owing Me Money: 80% (C+)
Therefore, this week, I award myself the following Score / Grade: 93% (B)
March 29, 2021, 9:05 AM
The last time I felt this insecure about my finances was before I was separated from Tony, 12 years ago - when I was in massive debt and my finances were out of control. This time, I'm actually in a safer place, control-wise, because I know what I've got in my accounts and savings, I don't have debts or a mortgage and, if the worse come to the worst, I will have a buffer of a couple of months' pay from my redundancy package at the end of April.

That said, I'm really scared that I won't have any regular money coming in and that, from May, I won't be able to simply rely on nearly £2000 arriving in my bank account as if by magic. God, I've had it so cushy for so long and now I can't face going back out to an office to work, which is why it's going to be so important to get Tangerine up and out there, properly, join Freelance agencies, apply for part-time jobs or even full-time jobs that allow me to work from home.

I'm going to have to consolidate my subscriptions - Spotify is now under the umbrella of duo account with Terry, which means I don't have £9.99 to pay a month; I'll just need to pay Terry £10 every quarter. I should cancel my Patreon subs for KT Tunstall but I really don't want to - I know she'll understand but I keep thinking that I will get another job so what's £10.80 a month? My Cloud cover is like an insurance for my phone so I really can't do anything about that.

April is going to be a massive month for me but I have an account set aside to pay for the things I haven't got a handle on such as Dad's Book and my Speeding Fine. Hopefully, I'll have enough in my 'Rainy Day' fund for those. If there's enough left, I may even see if I can get Porthos' scratch and dent removed.

We also have Easter and it's Terry's birthday in April. However, I need to remember that I am ABLE to work; I just need to stop wallowing and get on with it all.

I'm due some payment from two clients for Tangerine work, but I haven't invoiced them yet. I will chase Veronica as I haven't heard from her. Hopefully I can invoice her this week.

Here are this week's Scores/Grades:
1) Current Account in Credit in its Own Right: 100% (A)
2) Keep Remorseful / Frivolous / Wasteful Spend to a Minimum: 100% (A)
3) People Not Owing Me Money: 90% (B+)
Therefore, this week, I award myself the following Score / Grade: 96% (B+)
March 23, 2021, 1:59 PM
Well, the inevitable has happened today. I got the call from Dave this morning to let me know that he's making me redundant as from the end of April. While it's not a shock it's making my head spin because now I feel dizzy and scared and worried and not sure if I'm good enough to do anything else.

Terry has told me to reduce my standing order in to the house fund, which I've done. I do need to remember that, if I look hard enough, then I will find another job - do I want another full-time job where I have to go into an office? No, actually, I don't so what are the alternatives:
1) Get Tangerine up and running by the end of this week
2) Join an agency where I can get Freelance work
3) Join an employment agency for Home working jobs - either as part-time or full time in an area I'm either qualified for or something completely different
4) Re-train as a Life Coach
5) Get myself fully qualified in Digital Marketing and finally learn the intricacies of the Adobe Creative Suite.
As soon as the scaredness has worn off, I'll get on with things
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