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Manage and Control my Finances by 1) Keeping my Current Account in Credit (without stealing from other Accounts), 2) Keep Remorseful / Wasteful / Frivolous Spend to a Minimum, 3) Make Sure I get back Money People Owe Me and 4) Aim to Save Money Each Month.
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June 7, 2021, 4:34 PM
It's the start of my second month of Tangerine and I'm still pretty busy with the jobs I've had for May. However, I really have to knuckle down and work on my 5 Calls per Day - I'm thinking of setting up another commitment for fact, I will.

I keep fretting that I'm not seeing any money coming in from clients but, actually, if I was being paid a steady salary I wouldn't get paid until the end of the month, so I need to put that fear out of my mind.

I'm actually ok on the finance side so I need to stop focusing on that and get on with get in new customers. The only things I am waiting for are payment from RCi for their logo and my Clarins product to be replaced (FoC).

Let's just go straight to the scores today:
1) Current Account in Credit in its Own Right: 100% (A)
2) Keep Remorseful / Frivolous / Wasteful Spend to a Minimum: 100% (A)
3) Full Payment by Customers / Family / Band*: 90% (B)
* This is where I've invoiced/asked for payment
May 31, 2021, 10:41 AM
My first full month of running my own business and I've earned just short of £850 for the month. Admittedly, it's not going to make me a millionaire and I DO need to earn £1500 to break even really.

I have two very big projects on the go that should net me £1200 in June - all being well. I do need to charge more for my services and I MUST start doing some phone canvassing - 5 calls per day - I just haven't had time but that's no excuse. I must adopt a new strategy.

So, in terms of where I'm at with my finances, I'm getting a little panicky that the redundancy package I received will only last me for another 4 - 5 months, if I don't earn money, so I'm focusing managing it even better and not spend anything on myself - except I am going to allow myself "One Luxury Item per Month". I'm quite fortunate that, at the moment, my parents think I'm not struggling - actually I'm not, because we have no mortgage and I don't owe anyone anything - and that's a bonus as they're not worried about me. They have asked me to order things on their behalf this month, some of which had to be returned and the only way to achieve that without faff and difficulty was to arrange for a courier to collect the items from M&D at my own expense - and I didn't ask them to pay me back for that - but that was my choice (still a bit frivolous though).

Everyone who owes me money has paid it and I have savings to cover most eventualities. In June, though, I have to pay for Dad's Book, my car MOT and Service and my Copyright annual subscription. I'm already prepared for these though.

Here are my Scores/Grades:
1) Current Account in Credit in its Own Right: 100% (A)
2) Keep Remorseful / Frivolous / Wasteful Spend to a Minimum: 100% (A)
3) Full Payment by Customers/Family/Band: 90% (B)
4) Saved Money this Month: 100% (A)
Therefore, I award myself the following Score/Grade: 96% (B+)
May 24, 2021, 2:12 PM
Tangerine Business is currently very busy and I'm hoping it will continue. I must make those 5 calls today, to keep the activity wheel in motion.

All the invoices I've sent to the Dealers have been paid, so this month I've earned nearly £900, so that's a plus. However, I'm not sure whether I'll get much more unless I make some calls.

Dad's book is now coming to a head and I've paid for that - I need to ask the family for their willing contributions to the book, but I guess, for now, as I've put funds aside, I'm ok carrying the can on my own.

I have had no frivolous spend at all - although I must treat myself to a few toiletries. If I have some funds left (which I hope I might) next week, than I will do that.

So, here are the Scores/Grades for the week:
1) Current Account in Credit in its Own Right: 100% (A)
2) Keep Remorseful / Frivolous / Wasteful Spend to a Minimum: 100% (A)
3) Payment Owed by Customers/Family/Band: 100% (A)
Therefore, I award myself the following Score / Grade: 100% (A)
May 17, 2021, 8:43 AM
The work has been relentless but I'm worried it's just beginner's luck. I'm still not charging enough but people are paying me. That's a great thing.

On a week's break now but it's not really a break as I'm still working on some pretty meaty projects.

Just going to go to the Scores/Grades as I need to get on:
1) Current Account in Credit in its Own Right: 100% (A)
2) Keep Remorseful / Frivolous / Wasteful Spend to A Minimum: 100%(A)
3) Payment Owed by Customers/Family/Band: 90%(A)
Therefore, I award myself the following Score / Grade: 96% (B+)
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