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Alison2310 commits to:
Making 5 calls to prospects for Tangerine Design & PR each working day
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June 27
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My Commitment Journal
June 21, 2021, 10:43 AM
I have found that the more calls I make the more I seem to achieve new business. Who knew! I have been pretty busy with work and have called people I didn't expect to be interested. A couple weren't to be fair.

Score for the week:
How many calls made in the last 5 days: 7
How many people did I speak to: 7
Did I get any business from it? Yes, and intentions for the future
What Score/Grade did I achieve: 90%
Pass? Yes
June 14, 2021, 5:20 PM
Until today, I was struggling with this but, today, I managed to achieve more than 5 calls - ok not all of them were in but I did leave messages and the calls I made were actually quite productive. Hopefully, I'll be able to feel confident tomorrow to make some more calls.

Here is the Score for this week:
How many calls made in the last 5 days: 8
How many people did I speak to: 4
What Score/Grade did I achieve: 75% (C)
Pass? Yes
June 8, 2021, 3:50 PM
I'm really struggling with this commitment. I know I have to call people to get new business but I keep putting it off, finding other things I want to do instead, pick the phone up, scroll through the names of people I called when I first started my business last month.....and them find a reason not to call them.

Having said that, I did bite the bullet and call a Dealer contact I haven't spoken to for a while and that was actually really successful and was asked to send my details and a price for doing a flyer. I need to work on my approach. Fingers-crossed it will get better.
This is my thought process:
I know they said stay in touch but they don't mean it but if I don't call I'll fail and my business won't survive.
June 7, 2021, 4:45 PM
So far today, I haven't made any calls, because I have been manically busy getting work done for people. May was a particularly busy month and it was first month so I had a reason to call people - especially the Olivetti Dealers, to let them know what I'm doing now. That generated loads of work.

My issue now is that I have nothing to say to the Dealers because of my limiting fears and beliefs that they will:
a) Not want to speak to me
b) I feel like I'm intruding when they're really busy
c) I fear rejection
d) I hate the hard sell and know how annoying it is to be sold to

So, here is my plan:
I'm going to call the Dealers I haven't spoken to since leaving Olivetti and have a chat to let them know I'm now doing my own things and for those I have spoken to I'm going to tell them I'm writing an article for a magazine (which is actually the truth - I do have to write a press release for Business Info) and just ask them how their business is going, who they're working with now (if not Olivetti) and the challenges they're facing and see if I can generate some interest. I'm actually quite looking forward to it now.
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