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Practice Silva UltraMind Meditation First in the Morning
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August 22, 2021, 12:56 AM
Doing Meditation is relaxing. But, the real question is why I need to relax? Why Their is so much stress? Isn't it good idea to work calmy with deep breathing all day long? Isn't it okay to be okay while you are doing your most tedious task.

I never see meditation as anything. Sometimes I define meditation to give it a logical sense but for me while doing meditation, I give up every logic. I just give up my body, my mind, my sensation... everything that I hold on. And then magic begin to happen.

I feel light and relax. My breathing go deeper. My sense become more active. My mind become more silent.

I have no idea what I get after doing meditation for rest of my life and I really don't care any more.

I enjoy being meditative. That's enough for my soul.

With Heart filled with love
Mritunjay Jha
August 21, 2021, 1:08 AM
Today I wake up at 3:50. Go for a walk. Come back at 5:30. Meditate for 15 Minutes. Mosqito interupt my meditation 😑😑. I keep doing it anyway. I am just curious to see what miracle is going to happen today.

By the way, when i look at a cloud it looks like cosmos dust. I mean, cloud is filled with seafoam, blue, red and white mixture that giving it a eye catchy look. For me, nature is always doing miracles in some form or other.

I just want to be more aware of it (:
August 19, 2021, 2:06 AM
Meditation is always my favourite thing to do, although I rarely do for a long time. But whenever I do, I do it profoundly.

While doing my Silva Ultramind Meditation, I really feel connected.

Two things that I need to improve is to coloring my background scene. What I mean is simply that when I am using 3 scenes technique, the background part is complete dark.

For example, if I imagine a tree. I just see a tree. The cloud. The grass. The fallen leaves on the ground. The sound of a wind. Chirping of birds. And lots more are completely missing.

From next time, I focus more on painting the background scenary.

One strange thing that now become part of my life is, whatever thing I hold in my hand that can hang in a air like locket... I can rotate it in any direction simply by thinking and looking at it. I just need to meet two condition

1. My eyes must be open
2. Locate must be in physical touch

That's it.

Quote of the Day: Being lazy is a disrespect for those who trust on you.
August 18, 2021, 1:17 AM
I done centering exercise and three scene techniques.
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