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October 25, 2021, 11:03 AM
12. No deliberate thinking about JZ related to romance. If the thoughts do come, then I must push those thoughts away.
October 25, 2021, 11:02 AM
1. No deliberate thinking on why I don’t have sex or have a girlfriend
2. If I feel sad about being lonely/not having sex/not having a girlfriend, I can’t then deliberately obsess over it or think about it. I have to push those thoughts away.
3. I can’t daydream about giving advice on girls, getting a girlfriend and having sex.
4. I can’t watch videos related to relationship advice and incels. I can’t read any Mark Manson material on relationship topics or his dating advice book. I can’t read any articles or reddit posts related to sex/girlfriends/women. I can’t seek out help on these topics or anything related on the internet.
5. No thinking about incels, loneliness, being lonely, being a virgin, or not having sex.
6. No thinking about how to impress girls and how to get them to like you
7. No thinking about your confidence or neediness.
8. If I feel angry/sad/triggered when watching a show about sex/girlfriends/women, I can’t then deliberately obsess over it or think about it. I have to push those thoughts away.
9. Any deliberate toxic thoughts on this topic and related topics will be punished. It is a zero-tolerance policy.
10. Automatic/immediate thoughts or daydreams are fine. If I catch myself and realize what I am doing, then I should stop thinking about it and focus on something else.
11. No complaining or talking to Amma about girls/sex/girlfriends
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