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Putting forth my best effort in order to become as fast of a runner as I can be because I want to focus on improving my cardiovascular fitness. I need to stay injury free, dial in my nutrition, and train consistently. Over the course of the next 5 months, I will focus on the process of continuous improvement, looking for incremental improvements in all areas. My benchmark will be a 46 min 10k, or about 7:25 per mile.
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June 12
8:00 AM GMT
My Commitment Journal
kohei hayashi
May 28, 2022, 6:02 PM
May 15 - May 28

Weight: 142.3 lb
Mileage: 36.2
Average sleep: 8 h 2 min

I feel plenty lean for the race. I did an extended fast at the start of this two week period which dropped my weight significantly. I obviously feel lighter while running. I know I've lost a fair amount of strength based on recent weightlifting sessions but my focus has been on running for the past few months so that's to be expected. I only have two weeks left of training, so I'll keep my nutrition dialed in for the last two weeks. Continue eating quality food that you enjoy.

Sleep was decent these past two weeks but I went to bed later than usual a few nights. I try to keep a steady sleep schedule but that's just life - there are always going to be some variations. As long as I do my best to get to bed at approximately the same time each night, I'm satisfied.

With today's long run, I felt a little bit of knee pain towards the end of the run. I have to make sure that I'm keeping my quads and hips loose. Too much tightness is going to give me health issues. I've started stretching 12 minutes every morning, spending 4 minutes on 3 stretches. It doesn't sound like much but I'm happy with the consistency of it. After the consistency is established, I can choose to increase the duration if necessary.

For this next week, the one thing that I want to get right is my sleep. If I get my sleep right, everything else becomes easier. Keep the 9:30pm bedtime and start winding down 30 minutes before.
kohei hayashi
May 14, 2022, 4:31 PM
May 1 - May 14
Weight: 146.7
Mileage: 22 mi, 11/wk
Average Sleep: 7 hr 40 min

We're just under a month away from the 10k race. I took time off from May 6-11 because of a little bit of foot pain and a little bit of burnout. I swam instead of running and now I feel refreshed for the last few weeks of training. This upcoming week, I'll do a long run, a high intensity session, and a tempo run. I'll set it in my calendar right now so I don't forget.

My sleep the past two weeks was sub-par. I'm always trying to get 8-9 hours of sleep. I drank two times during the past two weeks and that always lowers sleep quality as well. During this last month of training, I'll completely eliminate alcohol. I'll continue to sleep around 9 and wake around 6.

When I eat alone, my nutrition is consistently good, but when I go out with friends it's generally terrible. I had some burgers and some nachos to go with the times that I drank. In the grand scheme of things, these are little bumps in the road but on principle, it bothers me. I need to remember that I'm using this training in order to build good habits that I can sustain for life. I'm not trying to deprive myself of anything. If you have an unhealthy but delicious meal, just enjoy it. Just don't do it all the time.

Along with sleep, nutrition, and training, I'm experimenting with heat and cold exposure as well. While I don't have an ice bath, I have saunas and cold showers available so I'm interested in testing out some protocols from the Huberman Lab podcast.
kohei hayashi
April 30, 2022, 6:53 PM
April 17 - April 30
Weight: 144.8
Mileage: 23.3 miles, 11.65/week
Sleep: 7 hrs 49 min

Last week I had to travel and so I didn't have as much time to run. I was only able to run once during the whole week. The following week I ran 3 times, making up for a fair amount of mileage.

That week while traveling was great in terms of nutrition. I had quality food available at each meal thankfully. It also was a great time to continue implementing of time-restricted feeding because my schedule naturally aligned to where my first meal of the day would be closer to noon. This past week after getting back, I ended up doing a food challenge with a friend though, and that was an absurd amount of food. I'm surprised that to see my weight get down to 145. I'll maintain around here and see how I feel.

With sleep, I had two nights this week where I slept poorly. I don't think there was anything in particular that woke me up and kept me up. My mind was just racing after waking up in the dead of night and when that happens, it usually takes me some time to fall back asleep. I won't overreact. We'll just have to see how this upcoming week goes for sleep.

With running itself, I think I have a chance at hitting 7:30/mile for the 10k. Last week I went for 3 miles at around that pace and while it was tough, I wasn't completely wiped out. Double that distance and we hit our target. My weekly long runs are getting into the 9-10 mile range while my short runs are still focused on speed. I've also been swimming a lot more. It just feels great getting in the water and focusing purely on the act of swimming.

For the upcoming week, I'll likely have 3 runs, 2 strength sessions, and more mobility work. I need to keep my lower leg, hamstrings, and hips from getting tight. I'll continue to sleep at around 9:30 each night and I'll relax by reading for 30 minutes. With nutrition, I'll continue tracking my food but I won't put myself in a caloric deficit. I'll increase my protein and fat intake a little bit and try to maintain for the week.

I have faith that I'll be able to hit my target.
kohei hayashi
April 16, 2022, 4:37 PM
April 10 - April 16
Weight: 146.8
Mileage: 14 miles
Average Sleep: 8 hrs 24 min

Tomorrow is the target date to get down to 145 lbs. I'm short of that goal by about two pounds. While that's not ideal, I have to remember that my first post had me at about 155 lbs, so I'm still about 8 pounds lighter. My nutrition this week was much better than last week and I'm satisfied that I'm making progress still. I went and got body composition reports from 3 different sources: My scale at home, a Bod Pod at a clinic, and a InBody Body Composition Analyzer at a local nutrition shop. They have me at 11.2, 13.6, and 13.2% body fat respectively. As I get leaner, I'll keep my protein intake high and continue to have strength training sessions throughout the week in order to maintain muscle mass. I'm also getting used to skipping breakfast and having my first meal later in the day. It's becoming habitual.

During my long run this week, my left foot started to ache midway through the run. I played soccer midway through the week as part of speed training and maybe the violent changes of direction put extra stress on my feet. If I'm going to be playing sports like soccer and basketball, I ought to ease into it and get used to lateral movements. For this upcoming week, I'll monitor my condition but I'll likely still train three times with a speed session, a basic run, and a long run.

I slept well all week again. This upcoming week, I have to change time zones and back again so hopefully that won't mess with me too much. I just have to get plenty of sunlight early in the morning when I wake and eat at fairly consistent times each day. Once the evening hits, I'll dim the lights and read to relax.

Just keep on improving your training, nutrition, and sleep. Take it one day at a time and improve your fitness level as much as possible.
  • Jan 8, 2022
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