stickK Corporate and Institutional Solutions
stickK can customize its proven goal tracking and achievement services to ensure satisfaction of corporate
and institutional wellness, environmental and productivity goals. Incentives + Accountability = Success!



Your company can design unique Commitment Contracts, aimed at improving the health or performance of your employees. From losing weight to smoking cessation, or meeting deadlines to exceeding sales targets, any goal can be made into a Commitment Contract. To improve success rates, employers can assign referees and reward participants.
  • Encourage employees to lose weight, quit smoking and exercise regularly to lower healthcare costs
  • Get the company and its employees to go green to reduce carbon footprint and energy costs for the company
  • Start a corporate-performance initiative to get employees to commit to deadlines and performance benchmarks to improve efficiency, productivity, and earnings.


  • Get students to make academic related commitments such as reading more and improving test scores and grades
  • Get parents to commit to reviewing their children's homework and grades regularly


  • Get members to commit to regular gym attendance, participate in more classes, and hit their fitness goals
  • Increase retention and success rates by having personal trainers and administrative staff become corporate referees for members to make sure goals are in fact being met

Doctors, Dentists, Smoking Clinics

  • Get patients to commit to healthier lifestyles by quitting smoking or lowering blood pressure
  • Encourage better oral care by getting patients to floss or brush regularly

Governments and Municipalities

  • Get your town, county, or state to lead happier and healthier lives by issuing weight loss challenges
  • Get ready for our green future by getting your town, county, or state to weatherize their homes, reduce their energy bills, use compact fluorescent bulbs, and more!

Banks and Financial Advisors

  • Increase holdings and encourage financial responsibility by compelling bank customers, credit union members, or clients to commit to saving more money
  • Advise your customers to make commitments to save for their kids' college, or save for retirement by opening an IRA, or commit to paying off credit card debt

We also create solutions for...

  • Charity Fundraising
  • Personal Trainers
  • Life Coaches
  • Healthcare/Health Insurance companies
  • Utility companies
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • And more...

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