Giles Wardian
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22 Aug 2011
Family time/Family Vacations/Health and Wellness/Walking/Cycling/Back Packing/Motor Cycling/Off Road Dirt Bike and ATV Riding/Working out/Spiritual Growth/Log Cabins/Yard work/Classical & Smooth Jazz Music/Traveling
After 50 Years, I am finally ready to "get-it-together" financially so I can enjoy my interests.
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Custom Goal (Achieving Status of... #159834
gwardian commits to:    Achieving Status of 6A-2 in Enagic (or Earn an average of $25,000 per month) by the end of 2012
This contract has reverted to non-financial on 23 Nov 2012

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Contract Start: 22 Aug 2011       "Achieving Status of 6A-2 in Enagic (or Earn an average of $25,000 per month) by the end of 2012"
I commit to:
Take measurable steps daily: Planning, contacts, dials, facing my fears and doing what it takes to progress to my goal as quickly as possible.
Contract End: 14 Nov 2012
Contract Length: 450 day(s)
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Reporting period: 22 Aug to 14 Nov
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24 Aug 2011 12:30 AM

Hi Giles, your stated goal is really two spate goals, each individually obtainable exclusive of the other.

In order to reach your goal of 25k a month you will need to grow wide. This should be where 75% of you efforts are placed, thus your main focus.

Secondly the average 6A makes his rank in 18 months, so I would recommend finding four to six seriously motivated builders so that two of them have a good shot of making 6A in your time frame.

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