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19 Nov 2011
Cycling, foreign languages, rabbits, my Kindle e-reader, Christianity, psychology (in particular SFBT), teaching ESL
I struggle at times with procrastination and with making good choices about what to eat and how to spend my time. I learned about this site from the Kindle Single "The $500 Diet".
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Custom Goal (Cut down on sweets) #255479
NancyinChina commits to:    Cut down on sweets
Next required report: No more reports due  
Total Amount on the line: $900.00   Successful Periods: 6
Stakes per period: $100.00 Unsuccessful Periods: 3
Remaining Stakes: $0.00 Total Money Lost: $300.00
Contract Start: 10 Nov 2012       "Cut down on sweets"
I commit to:
Sweets allowed each week:
1) two 43 gram Dove chocolate bars
2) two ice creams
3) four chocolate-covered hazelnut stick
4) gifts
Contract End: 12 Jan 2013
Contract Length: 9 week(s)
Recipient of Stakes: Anti-charity (Gun Control: NRA Foundation)
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Reporting period: 6 Jan to 13 Jan
Period status:
User report: Success
Referee report: Success
13 Jan 2013 06:30 am [Referee approval report]

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Reporting period: 30 Dec to 6 Jan
Period status:
User report: Success
Referee report: Success
7 Jan 2013 05:08 am [Referee approval report]

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Reporting period: 23 Dec to 30 Dec
Period status:
User report: Success
Referee report: Success
30 Dec 2012 10:21 am [Referee approval report]

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Reporting period: 16 Dec to 23 Dec
Period status:
Not Successful
User report: Success
Referee report: Not Successful
24 Dec 2012 06:36 am [Referee failure report]

In fact the period was failed. I must do my duty in honor of keeping things honest.

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Reporting period: 9 Dec to 16 Dec
Period status:
Successful (referee feedback expired)
User report: Success
Referee report: No report submitted
Commitment Journal what's this?

13 Jan 2013 07:59 AM

I think the rethinking thing is a good idea. It's great that you stuck to the agreement but if you find that you're only sticking to the letter of the law rather than the spirit of it then you're right to be doing a rethink. You might like to consider the site I recommended to you - all the research shows that tracking all your eating is a really powerful tool. I know stickk was helpful for me in breaking a particular habit (snacking at work) but the other site was far more powerful in changing my eating habits by forcing me to log (well ok, a website can't force you to do anything, I forced myself) everything that I ate which in turn lead to me becoming much more mindful.

13 Jan 2013 06:30 AM

Here's to rethinking things that aren't really working. Hope this new week can be a bit better.

13 Jan 2013 02:24 AM

I kept to the agreement, but I didn't like it. I made up for the fewer sweets by buying homemade pizza from a teacher's wife and lots of potato chips. Will have to rethink this plan for next term, as it is only partially working.

7 Jan 2013 05:08 AM

Yeah schedules have been weird around here lately. Glad things are going alright down your way though.

7 Jan 2013 04:30 AM

Sorry I'm late with this! With yesterday being a working day I forgot about answering this. My friend gave me a big bag of Dove chocolates for New Year's, so I had those to eat, as well as the allowed ones. Hopefully that's all the gifts! You know, when people know that you like chocolate and rabbits, you either get chocolate bars or stuffed rabbits as gifts. :-)

30 Dec 2012 10:21 AM

Ok, glad you can ease back into success! Hope for a great new week.

29 Dec 2012 04:20 PM

I learned my lesson last week. I thought I could get away with it because of our mutual dislike of the NRA. It didn't work. This past week wasn't hard, though, because of several Christmas gifts of chocolate or cookies.

26 Dec 2012 08:05 AM

Thanks for the good attitude. New year is coming. We can have the mindset of a beginner at any time, and it will benefit us. We can be new in the same old surroundings. His mercies are new every morning.

25 Dec 2012 02:06 PM

You did the right thing, Cecely, and I thank you for doing it! And those are some wonderfully encouraging words that you wrote.

24 Dec 2012 06:44 AM

Ok, gotta do my job here. Please know that it is done in love. Don't allow it to cast a shadow on Christmas. Rather rejoice in the fact that there is someone to catch you a bit, in fact many someones, who catch you, catch all of us, when we fall. That is one of the essential essences of friendship, and of the church, too right? I am a mama, too, and I thought and prayed over what I would hope for phoebe in this situation. This is what I would hope. We all test the boundaries a bit to make sure the boundaries are strong, correct?

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