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March 9, 2024, 9:45 AM

This Food and PMO Consumption Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into on Sunday, 10th March 2024 ("Effective Date") and shall remain in force until Sunday, 01 September 2024 ("Termination Date") by and between:

Party A: Peter Wright
Party B: Anna Zheng

Collectively referred to as the "Parties."

Section A: Dietary Restrictions

Party A (Peter Wright) commits to abstain from the following food items:
Chocolate (including, but not limited to chocolate bar form (organic or otherwise), ice creams of any kind)
Raw cacao
Bliss balls
Gelati - Ice Cream or Ice Block (frozen sugar content)
Raw vegan desserts
Seed oil-containing snacks including, but are not limited to, baked peas, chips, or various kinds of dehydrated snacks
No bakery goods of any kind

Section B: Definition of "Wholefood"

Food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances.

1.0 Reporting of Grey Areas

In the event of a grey area, where a food item is questionable in its categorization as a whole food, Party A (Peter Wright) agrees to report such consumption within a period not exceeding 6 hours.

1.1 Grey Area Definition

A "grey area" refers to a food item that is uncertain in its classification as a whole food. Examples have included baked peas or bakery goods. These are now banned due to seed oils and white flour.

1.2 Reporting Period

Party A (Peter Wright) must report any consumption within the 6 hours following ingestion.

1.3 Failure to Report

Failure to report verbally within the specified period, if there is an entry in the debit card, will be considered a breach of this agreement.

2.0 Exceptions for Chocolate, Raw Treats, and Acai

Party A (Peter Wright) may consume chocolate, raw treats, or açai only with the prior approval of Party B (Anna Zheng). The criteria or conditions for granting exceptions shall be at the sole discretion of Party B.

2.1 Special Occasions

On anniversaries or special occasions, both Parties may mutually agree to consume food items listed in Section A.

3.0 Punishment System

The punishment system operates on an honour/calendar system.

3.1 Audit of Statements

An audit of debt/credit card statements may be conducted by Party B to verify compliance, as Party B has access to the banking details of Party A.

4.0 Penalty for Free Work Snacks

Free work snacks incur an additional penalty of AUD 15 per snack, payable via Commonwealth bank transfer. Fruits, vegetables, clean meat, and carbs are permitted as free work snacks. Anything processed, artificial, or not a whole food is not.

4.1 Team Lunch Protocol

During a team lunch, Party A (Peter Wright) must order the cleanest possible item. In the absence of a clean option, Party A (Peter Wright) must fast.

4.2 Definition of Cleanest Possible Item

No sauces, fried items, or added sugar are allowed. Generally, a clean oven or pan-fried meat with vegetables or carbs is acceptable. Examples have included roast lamb (no sauces) and steak.

5.0 Travel

Party B (Anna Zheng) shall make reasonable efforts to provide Party A (Peter Wright) with one day of whole foods to consume during the travels. For longer periods, Party A shall have to source clean wholefoods from other locations such as the supermarket.

Party A (Peter Wright) will make an effort to promptly report any consumption that may fall into a grey area during travel within 6 hours.

6.0 Other People Offering Party A food

Party A cannot make situational exceptions under any circumstances, including parental visitations, sibling get-togethers, family reunions, etc. Under no circumstances should the agreement be broken. No funerals, births, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, or special occasions, and only allowed to follow the strict protocols of the agreed conditions.

Should Party A disregard, then penalties apply at the agreed rate.

6.1 Special occasions

Both Parties may mutually agree to consume food items listed in Section A during special occasions while traveling. Party A will notify Party B in advance of such circumstances.

Otherwise, the standard agreement will apply.

7.0 Relapse Clause

For each relapse, Party A (Peter Wright) shall pay an escalating penalty:

First offence: Normal price
Second offence: AUD 20
Third offence: AUD 25
Subsequent offences: AUD 30

The definition of a relapse includes eating anything outside of sections A, 2.0, 2.1, and 10.

All extra payments must be made by Party A via Commonwealth bank transfer.

8.0 Enforceability of Penalties

These penalties are enforceable using the platform in the legal Jurisdiction of the State of Queensland, Australia.

All parties are aware of the use of the Stickk platform.

8.1 Enforcement of Reporting

Reports are to be given weekly on a Sunday via the Stickk platform.

9. Termination of the contract before the termination date

Shall incur an early termination fee of AUD 400.

10. No Solo MO Clause
- No solo MO, it is to be done with a partner only.
- No P, ever. Instant $75 fine upon viewing, just once.

Party A (Peter Wright): _________________________ Date: 10 March 2024
Party B (Anna Zheng): _________________________ Date: 10 March 2024
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