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How do I add a friend?

Before you can add a friend, you will have to find them on stickK. To search for a friend, just type their first or last name, stickK username, or email address into any search bar and we'll give you all of the possible matches. From the search results, just click "Add Friend" and wait for them to accept your request! You can also add a friend by visiting their profile page (if their account is public) and clicking the "Add as a friend" button under their profile picture.

I can't find someone on stickK, even though I know they are a member.

It's possible that the person you are looking for has specific privacy settings that prevent them from being included in our search engine. If this is the case, you may need to contact them by email.

Can I invite someone who is not registered on stickK to be my friend?

Of course, and we would love it if you did! You can invite anyone to be your friend on stickK whether or not they are a registered user. To invite a friend, log into your stickK account, click the Friends icon in the upper navigation bar, and then use the "Invite" tab. You can enter a single email address or multiple addresses. You can also send a custom message to accompany your invitation.

Can I cancel a friend request?

Once a friend request is sent, there is no way to cancel it. Please note that if you've made a mistake, you can always remove a friend by visiting your friends list and clicking the text "Remove friend" after they have accepted your invitation.

If I decline a friend request, will they be notified?

No way! We wouldn't be that cruel. If you decline a friend request, the request will simply be removed from your Inbox.

How do I remove a friend?

You can always remove a friend by visiting your friends list and clicking the red X.

You can also remove a friend by going to their profile page and clicking the "Remove friend" button located below their profile picture. And don't worry, we won't let them know that you did.

If I remove someone as a friend, will they be notified?

Not from us! If you remove a friend, they will disappear from your friends list. Please note that after you have removed a friend, they may no longer be allowed to view your profile (depending on your privacy settings) and you may no longer be allowed to view theirs (depending on their privacy settings). To reestablish a friendship, you will have to submit a new friend request.


What is a stickK community?

A stickK Community is an organized group of individual users who share common goals. We believe that strength lies in numbers, and we created our Communities to prove it. Communities offer expert content and a network of support all aimed at helping you achieve your goal. You can link up with people in your area (and around the world) who share your commitments, exchange ideas and find advice on how to better achieve your goals.

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