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What are the privacy options for my profile and Commitments?

Here are the privacy options related to your profile and Commitments:

My Profile - who can see it?
  • Visible to all (registered and non-registered users)
  • Visible only to registered members
  • Visible only to my friends

Search Privacy:
  • Allow anyone to find me (registered and non-registered users)
  • Allow only registered members
  • Exclude me from all searches

Commitment Contract Privacy:
  • Anyone (registered and non-registered users)
  • My Referee, My Supporter(s), My Friend(s)
  • My Referee, My Supporter(s)

Please note that there are separate privacy settings for your profile and for each of your Commitment Contracts. This provides you with the ability to share only the information you'd like to share. For instance, you may choose to keep your profile public but keep your Commitments private--or you may choose to keep your profile private but publically share a Commitment or two. 


How do I adjust my profile's privacy settings?


To adjust your profile's privacy settings, click "Account Settings" and then go to the "Preferences" tab. The section title "Profile Privacy" allows you to set your preferences.

Please note that there are separate privacy settings for your profile and for each of your Commitment Contracts.  


How do I adjust a Commitment Contract's privacy settings - I want my Commitment to be private.


Each Commitment Contract is unique, and some may be a little too personal to share with others. Not to worry, stickK allows you to control which Commitments you'd like to keep to yourself and which ones you'd like to share with others. You can adjust individual Commitment's privacy settings via the "Details" pop-up. To access a Commitment Contracts privacy settings simply view the Commitment, click the orange "Details" button and then click "Privacy Settings."

Please note, Commitments that are public will be viewable to anyone on stickK and could be featured in a stickK community. If you would prefer to hide your Commitment, or limit its visibility, you can do so by clicking on the orange "Details" button on the Commitment Contract details page and then clicking the "Privacy Settings" button.

How do I restrict what appears when someone searches for me?

The stickK search engine reveals your profile picture thumbnail and offers links to communicate with you on stickK to whoever searches for you. If your profile is set to public, any stickK user will be allowed to view it. However, if your profile is set to private, no user will be allowed to view it unless you have accepted them as a friend.

You can also remove yourself from this search altogether by adjusting your privacy settings. To adjust these settings, go to "Account Settings" and click the "Preferences" tab.

How do I restrict what appears in my Profile, such as my date of birth or my real name?

You can adjust these settings via the "Preferences" tab located in "Account Settings."

Can I have a private Profile, but a public Commitment?

Absolutely. Just because you have elected to share your Commitment with others doesn't mean that everyone will be allowed to view your profile. Private profiles will always remain that way. stickK users who view your public Commitment will not be allowed to visit your Profile page without your permission.

Please note that you can make your profile and each Commitment entirely private, or make them viewable to only Referees, Supporters and friends, in any combination. Under no circumstances will your profile or a Commitment become viewable because of the privacy settings for a different Commitment.

Can my friends or other stickK users see that I have a private Commitment?

No. Any Commitment you choose to make private will stay that way, regardless of who is allowed to see your profile. Commitments that are set to private will not show up in your profile to users who are not given permission to view them.

My password might not be safe, how can I change it?

Once you decide on a new super-secret password to use, you'll have to log in to get rid of your old password. Once logged in, go to "Account Settings" and click the "Change Password" tab. Please note that the safest passwords are ones that use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

I saw my picture/commitment on a community page.

stickK communities are a great way to meet other people who share your goals and learn first-hand how they found success. To link you together, stickK gathers all users with public profiles or public Commitments and may display them on the community pages. If you would prefer to be left out of the mix, simply adjust your privacy settings.

What does stickK do to protect my privacy?

stickK knows that you care about how your personal information is used and shared, and we take your privacy very seriously. Click here to read our privacy policy.





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