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What is a Referee?

A Referee is an individual or an organization that you select to monitor and verify the progress of your Commitment Contract. The Referee can be anyone you want; a friend, your spouse or even your boss. Every time you submit a report, your Referee receives an email asking them for confirmation of the report's accuracy. Your Referee may choose to take your word for it, or ask you for proof that you kept your Commitment.

What does "On Your Honor" mean?

"On Your Honor" means you won't have a Referee, and it also means you trust yourself to stay on task and be honest in your reporting. You know yourself best. Don't choose this option if you think you might be tempted to fudge the truth!

Can I add a Referee to my Commitment after it has been created?

If you started your Contract "On Your Honor," you can add a Referee at any time by clicking on the "Add a Referee" button located on your Commitment Contract details page.  Please keep in mind that you may not select more than one person to Referee your contract.
However, if you invited a Referee to join your Contract, and they accept, you cannot add a different Referee.  

Can I change or remove my Referee?

You can change or remove your Referee up until they accept your invitation by clicking on the orange "Change" button located on your Commitment Contract details page. Once your Referee has accepted your invitation however, you will have to contact a stickK team member to make a change.

Please note that if you remove a Referee and do not add a new one, your contract will change to "On Your Honor."

How do I submit a Referee Report?

To submit a Referee Report, simple log in to your stickK account, click the "Refereeing" tab located under your Profile Picture and then click the "Report Now" button on the Commitment that you have your Referee report due for.

If you would like to view a list of your Commitments that have reports due, click the Messages icon in the upper navigation bar and view the "Reports Due" tab.
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