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How can I search for someone on stickK?

stickK allows you to search for anything on the site, including people and their Commitments, provided they haven't restricted their privacy settings. Just type the individual's name into the search box and we'll give you possible matches. Currently, our search engine is under reconstruction. We apologize in advance if the search results are not helpful. We will have it working correctly soon.

How do I control who can find me in searches and what they can see in my profile?

If you'd like to be excluded from all searches/and or restrict who can view your stickK profile, you can adjust your profile's privacy settings via the "Preferences" tab located within "Account Settings." By default your profile is set to public. The default option is for everyone on stickK to be able to find you in searches. Note: if your account appears within someone's search results, this does not necessarily mean that people can see your profile.

What can I search for?

stickK Search allows you to search for anything on the site. This includes names, Supporters, Referees, Commitments, communities, and interests. Just type in the names and words you want to query - either alone or in combination (e.g., "Sam baseball exercise"). Once you get your results, you can filter what is displayed. Just use the tabs on the top of the search return.

Why can't I find someone in a search?

A few things to remember:
  • The other person might have a privacy option that limits your ability to find them in a search.
  • The other person has to be on stickK. If you don't think they're on stickK, send them an Invite.
  • Make sure to utilize the search filters. If your search is bringing up too many results, use the filters on the right side of the results page. This will allow you to better target results. You can also try the Profile Search page. This type of search will only look for people whose profile is publically viewable.
  • If you believe that Search is not functioning properly, please tell us more here. The search engine is currently under reconstruction and will be working more effectively very soon.

How do I browse Commitments, or find one that interests me?

You can browse Commitments from many different locations on stickK. From the homepage, you can click on the Communities button in the green navigation bar. You can also click on any one of the Communities in the footer at the bottom of the page. Finally, try our search engine. Just type in a keyword and browse all of the Commitments that match!
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