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What are Supporters?

Supporters are people you enlist to cheer you on as you strive to reach your goal. You get to choose which Supporters you'd like to invite each time you create a new Commitment Contract. You can choose the same Supporters for every contract you make, or select different ones each time. This way you can choose which friends are best suited to help you reach each of your goals.

Supporters are able to track your progress and post comments in your Commitment Journal. They will also receive email notifications each time you report informing them of your results, so don't let them down!

Can I add a Supporter after my Contract has started?

Absolutely, and we encourage it! You can add Supporters at any time by visiting your Commitment Contract details page and entering in their email address or stickK username. Only you may add Supporters to your Commitment Contract. You will have to approve any request from others who would like to become a Supporter.

How do I remove Supporters from my Commitment Contract?

Once your Supporter accepts an invitation, they cannot be removed from your Commitment. If you would like for a Supporter to be removed, you can contact stickK at any time and we will be happy to help.
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